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Baby Boom – Or There Is No Career That Beats A Motherly Instinct

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A fantastic movie about the transformation of a business lady into a caring mother, about career choices women face with and about how career opportunities arise from unexpected places.

This movie (starring Diane Keaton) once again proves that every woman has a mother instinct deep inside her soul; even the strictest one, most career oriented one can change her priorities and become a gentle, loving and caring mother.

Baby Boom (1987)

A successful businesswoman (Jacey), who dedicates her whole life to career, one day is forced to make a drastic shift in her plans.

One of her relatives suddenly dies and makes her the caretaker of a baby girl (Elizabeth). And, by taking over her role, there comes a crazy period in her life – rushing in between work place and home to take care of the little baby.

The sudden appearance of the little girl in Jacey’s life changes everything. First, she loses her relationship; a man who lived with her for a long time, realizes that he isn’t ready for a life with a baby and decides to leave her.

At the same time, some issues arise with her job, too. In the company that Jacey works for she handles the Food Chain project. She invests all her energy in the work and is known as a “tiger lady” – a woman with strong will and determination. However, the arrival of the baby changes everything – including her renowned character. From being “Iron Lady” she transforms into a smooth, caring mother that affects negatively on her performance at work. By seeing these changes in her character, her boss decides that she is not able to work on the Food Chain project anymore that requires a strong character. Thus, she brings her a new project about Dog Food. Jacey declares this offer as a humiliation and makes up her mind to quit. She considers it to be a better solution than telling people that she works on a Dog Food project.

Leaving the job makes Jacey realize that now she can invest more time in achieving her (real) dreams. She buys a private house in Vermont and moves there with the baby. For a real New Yorker it’s certainly a challenge to get used to the peaceful countryside, but slowly things become more natural for her.

Fast forward after her nervous and financial breakdowns: she meets a man and falls in love with him. She spends more time with her baby, enjoys making baby food and starts to feel a true mother-child connection. Soon her hobby of making baby food is transformed into a business and starts selling them in the local shops. Later on, the news about her success reaches her former New York office and she gets an offer to sell her business for an attractive price to the Food Chain Company.

But would this financially profitable offer be equally precious to what she created with her soul? Would she accept this fantastic offer? How would Jacey decide as a once careerist woman?

Baby Boom, where the mother takes over business - Photo source:
Baby Boom, where the mother takes over business – Photo source:

What is its message for today?

Sociologists say that a modern working woman is a real phenomenon of our times. And indeed, we, women are pushed around by many forces leading us to lose direction.

Though the movie is 28 years old, the nature of women has hardly changed. What changes though, is our willingness to admit this. Baby Boom is a wonderful reflection of the changing patterns in motherhood and modern lifestyles of a business lady. Today more and more women aspire for successful career and are ready to move mountains in order to get what they want, while sometimes forgetting their genuine nature of being a woman. This movie, though reflects the opposite: it shows how the successful woman with an iron-like character transforms her character (only by taking care of a baby) and returns to her true nature of being a gentle, caring woman.

Of course, we should stay strong and act strong. This is the world we are living in. I do agree with that. But this strength shouldn’t be mistaken for being masculine, and with pretending something we are not. Let us not forget our true nature, our femininity. In today’s world, I see more and more women who are fighting for success with a masculine energy. It creates a great mess and conflicts around. If we continue this way, the world will be absurd!

Let us fight for our rights in a feminine way. Let us be strong, but in a gentle way; be confident but with a genuine feminine tenderness.

So dear ladies, stay strong and motivated, but never lose your true feminine nature!


Director: Charles Shyer
Writers: Nancy MeyersCharles Shyer
Stars: Diane KeatonSam ShepardHarold Ramis
Release Date: 30 October 1987 (USA) 

–  Watch here 



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