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The 4 most important tips you should follow as a stay home mother to avoid routine and be happy instead

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Into the World of Full-time Motherhood


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Let me start with a quote from Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea:

The bearing, rearing, feeding, and educating of children; the running of a house with its thousand details; human relationships with their myriad pull–woman’s normal occupations in general run counter to creative life, or contemplative life, or saintly life. The problem is not merely one of Woman and Career, Woman and the Home, Woman and Independence. It is more basically how to remain whole in the midst of the distractions of life; how to remain balanced, no matter what centrifugal forces tend to pull one off center; how to remain strong, no matter what shocks come in at the periphery and tend to crack the hub of the wheel.”

Becoming a full-time mother can be an exciting and challenging new chapter in your life. You are entering uncharted waters and may need help navigating your new role. As you begin this new phase of life, valuable advice from family and friends may be appreciated. Seek support and encouragement from other women who may be new navigators as yourself or seasoned travellers.

Finding serenity as a stay-at-home mom takes attitude and discipline. As I have cultivated the following 4 concepts into my life, I have found more balance and fulfilment in my role both as a woman and as a mother.


1. Discover the world around you

Babies and children are eager to see and discover the world around them. They love to try new things and explore new places. As a stay-at-home mother, you have the opportunity to plan outings and activities that will allow your children to grow and develop. Plan and research opportunities available to children in your community. Providing these experiences will allow children to have a better sense of the world around them as well as open new worlds to you.


2. Find a creative outlet

As a full-time mother, days can become repetitive and mundane. Household responsibilities and children will take up your time and energy. Your interests and hobbies may become second priority. Anne Morrow Lindbergh states “Woman can best refind herself by losing herself in some kind of creative activity of her own. Here she will be able to refind her strength”.
Focusing on a hobby or interest that inspires creativity will allow a woman rejuvenation and focus; which in turn creates more fulfillments in her motherhood responsibilities as well.


3. Setting goals as in business

In a business, setting goals is an important aspect to help measure the success of the company. This concept can be beneficial when applied to full-time motherhood. Setting personal and family goals will help you recognize your growth and allow you to make adjustments where necessary. Time and focus may be optimized through specific and attainable goals.
As you implement goal- setting into your life, you can successively teach your children to develop their own goal-setting techniques.


4. Never stop learning

Whether through formal or informal education, there are many opportunities to expand our knowledge while working full-time in the home. Consequently, children become more educated as mothers invest personal time furthering their education. In a constantly changing world, it is important for individuals to be aware of local and global social, political, economical and environmental issues. We can find empowerment through online courses, lectures, blogs, newspapers, books and other educational formats. Keep in mind: knowledge is power.


 These are my four principal guidelines as a mother. They escort and support me day after day.

Do you have model that works for you? Share with us!

Photo credit: Flickr / Michelle Robinson
Betsy Allred Toyn
Betsy currently resides in Utah, USA, where she was born and raised. After the birth of her little girl, Betsy decided to leave the workforce and become a full-time mom. She is currently busy helping her two little girls discover the beauty, creativity and love in the world. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” -Eleanor Roosevelt, is a philosophy that she hopes to instill in her children. Betsy believes in stepping outside of your comfort zone and realizing your full potential.

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