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Why we all should reflect on our childhood career dreams

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” We all heard this question when we were children.

When I was in the kindergarden, honestly, I didn’t think about career dreams. We lived in Moscow then – in the city where I was born. The only dream I had, or the brightest one I remember, was to come back to Armenia and live in my native land. Since we moved back home, to Armenia, I started school, and certain career dreams began to formulate in my brain and imagination.

What I wanted to be as a child

During my first years of school, I wanted to become a teacher. I just loved the idea of transferring my knowledge to those younger than me. I imagined how I would conduct the lessons and what my pupils would learn from me.

A few years later, we went back to Moscow in the wintertime. Those were the dark years in Armenia. There was no light no electricity and people had hard times to survive the cold winters. There was this Venezuelan soap opera on TV about models and designers. Watching that during those days created another childhood career dream in me. I decided that I would be a designer when I grow up. I had a little sewing machine for the girls of my age. And I just loved creating little design works for my dolls. Those were the times of my dazzling imagination. I imagined how I would move to Venezuela and create my very own designer studio and put my soul into work.

At the same time – while wishing to become a designer – I had this beloved singer, I adored. She was Whitney Houston. I loved her voice, her music, her songs. She was, from a distance, an influential person for me. I decided that I wanted to become a singer. During those years, once again, we stayed in Moscow for the winters. My father’s friend had a company there located in an immense building. On the second floor, there was a free room where I could realize my little design ideas. I took my little sewing machine, and I gave freedom to my imagination and gave birth to little clothes for dolls. Of course, accompanying all this work with singing wholeheartedly.

The other times of the year, we were in Yerevan, Armenia. There, besides school, I attended an English language club for children that was managed and organized by two young girls. In this club, we learned English, painting, and we participated in various children’s theater performances. During those performances, I got the chance to sing. And I felt the appreciation from the audience. I know, people, who know me well now, would be surprised and justly ask: “how you could sing with your withdrawn and silent voice?” But I did! And people heard me then. Today, perhaps, I wouldn’t have the courage to sing in front of a big audience, but before, when I was a child, I had this courage. And I am sorry for leaving this part of me in the past.

I had to grow up

Time was passing, and my childhood career dreams were replacing each other one by one.

During the last years of school, I had to face reality. I had to grow up and choose a more realistic career dream for my future. So I decided to become a Psychologist; more specifically, a child Psychologist. Unfortunately, it quickly turned out that due to certain circumstances, I couldn’t realize this dream.

Instead of the Department of Psychology, I started to attend the Spanish Language Department. However, I need to admit: I did manage to bring some of the Psychologist dream true by taking Psychology as a compulsory subject for my module. And I was right with my dream: I just loved studying Psychology and no wonder I completed it with an excellent mark.

Now, at this point in my life, when I sat down to evaluate my childhood career dreams and their stances, I came to the following conclusions:

–   Firstly, I realized that I love change.

–   Secondly, all my childhood career dreams reflected my true feminine nature. And this is something I am truly content about.

–  Finally, two of my childhood career dreams, the one from my first years of school (teacher) and the other from the last years of school (psychologist) somehow approached to each other and connected to one dot. When I wanted to become a teacher, I wished to teach children. When I decided to become a psychologist, I wanted to help children. It was all connected to children.

Never disregard your childhood dreams

So checking on my career dreams as a child and checking on them now, here is what I learned:

– Even if we are not aware of it, our childhood dreams leave marks on our future lives.

  • I wanted to be a designer when I was a child and today I still love creating little design works.
  • I wanted to be a singer. Though, I didn’t become one, I still love music, and it is an inseparable part of my life.
  • I wanted to be a psychologist at school. Though the circumstances stopped from studying for it, my interest in this field remained influential throughout my life. So I did what I could. And I wrote two Master theses in Environmental Psychology. And I am still hoping to get a chance, to study further for a Ph.D. degree, in Environmental Psychology.

– Change is inescapable. But sometimes it comes unnoticed.

  • By recollecting my childhood career dreams, I can’t recall any episode relating to writing. I never dreamed of being a writer, and yet, today, this is more than a passion. It is who I want to be.

– Be open for the change that comes as we grow but don’t forget who you wanted to be as a child.

  • Dreams will come and go. Some just come to play with your imagination, but some will stay for long. Follow to yourself and enjoy your new dreams, but sometimes sit down for a few moments and check who you wanted to be?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – Today, I want to be a writer.


Lilit has been volunteering in several online media as Writer and Editor, during which she discovered in herself a great passion for Writing! Lilit considers herself to be a lifetime traveller. She loves to combine her two passions – Travel and Writing and create beautiful travel stories, reflecting her own travel experiences. Read her personal Blog site dedicated to Life, Travel and Love: C’est La Vie, Lily. Presently, Lilit is looking for her dream job that will allow her to expose fully her most creative side.

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