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The top 10 women empowerment events in Israel you shouldn’t miss this fall

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MCL wrapped up for you the top 10 women empowerment events in Israel this fall. We have collected a diverse list of events from self-awareness workshops to more business-minded pitching nights, from cultural awareness gatherings to hard-core start-up get-togethers. Israel is a booming place for women, whether they seek possibilities for their entrepreneurship, or looking for the best spots to discharge or, rather, recharge. These events differ in nature, length, and price, but there is something that groups them: they all intend to empower YOU. And as you glance through this list remember the message of Nora Ephron: “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” 


October (2)

Pitch Perfect

TEL AVIVRegister & ticket

Date & Time: September 2, 2015 at 7pm – 10pm

Since Marshall McLuhan, we all know that the ‘medium is the message’. But what if the medium is your own voice, and your next career move depends on your message? Are you ready to present yourself in 60 seconds with less than 250 words? (And just for your reference, your Twitter word count is 140 words.) If you accept the challenge, then Pitch Perfect organized by Women in Wireless, sponsored by AOL Israel, is meant for you. The 3-hour workshop will not only help you crafting a clear elevating speech, but also offers hands-on tips and useful feedbacks on how to deliver your message with boldness and confidence. The event is featured in the mobile and wireless niche; however, a workshop that encourages you to get out of your comfort zone comes handy for anyone. What you will learn will support you whether you want to reenter the job market, set up your own business, go freelance or you just want to have a confident intro about yourself wherever you go. Not convinced yet? Then read our review of the previous event of Women in Wireless. These women know what they do!

Women in Wireless - women empowerment events
A shot from Women in Wireless’ previous event

Keys to becoming a Feminine Inspirational Woman

Tel Aviv – Register & Ticket 

Date & Time: September 2, 2015 at 7PM

Who says you need to lose your feminine essence to succeed? Who says you can’t be a feminine leader in our masculine world? The Keys to becoming a Feminine Inspirational Woman is a brand new meeting, by Catalina Dash, in Tel Aviv. It aims to gather women from all walks of life to spend a few ours dedicated to themselves and inspire others. The women, which are awaited for the event, might come from different backgrounds, they will all share a common goal: they want to know how to be an inspirational leader using their authentic feminity over hard-core feminism. The event seems to follow the footsteps of Thrive from Arianna Huffington by highlighting that today’s greatest leaders are not only connected with their minds, but also with their intuition, spirit, and passion. During this freestyle workshop, women will discuss and learn about what makes them an inspiration and effective leader of others, and what are the unique qualities women can add to the world. Were you looking for inspiration? I bet, we found your event!

Catalina Dash

The Secret Ingredient

TEL AVIV – Register & Ticket

Date & Time: September 8, 2015 at 7pm – 9h30pm

This event is the odd one out. But it stands here for a reason. The Secret Ingredient is a new, unique workshop whose initial aim is to help foreigners to integrate better and to understand how to feel local and create the life YOU want in Israel. But the event, organized by Citizen Café, does more than that. It gives a perfectly angled view on cultural differences and offers a glance as to how to deal with Israeli people; be it for business or pleasure. Thus, if you are just visiting Israel, this is your chance to go deeper to Israeli culture than strolling the streets of Jaffa; if you are a local, this your chance to learn (or argue) about how others see you; and if you are a fresh local, then this is your chance to learn how to feel like a veteran Tel Avivian. The Secret Ingredient is an interactive, thought-provoking and engaging 2-hour workshop. It is led and organized by two outstanding women who make sure you leave empowered, energetic, passionate, and perhaps, even with new, lasting friendships. Does this still look like as the odd one out?

Citizen Café - How to be a local in Israel
Citizen Café – How to be a local in Israel

Startup Grind Cocktail Event 

TEL AVIV – Register & ticket

Date & Time: September 9, 2015 at 6pm – 9h30pm

Startup Grind is more than just a one-night stand business card exchange opportunity. It is considered as the best networking platform in the Tel Aviv. Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Startup Grind was designed to connect like-minded people, who educate and inspire each other through their personal stories. Their passion to merge innovators, investors, and startup founders is the drive behind each and every event, and their upcoming Cocktail event is of no difference. Founded in Palo Alto, California, Startup Grind is active in 182 cities globally, one of them being the hip and lively Tel Aviv that is earning its well-deserved place among the greatest cities for startups. Though this event is not strictly only for women, be assured that your attending will make you leave the venue empowered and stimulated. You don’t have a startup idea just yet? It shouldn’t stop you. Startup Grind Cocktail Event is all about making new friends, sharing your wildest ideas, and enjoy a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, where business is made among friends. Who knows what this evening brings for you?

Startup Grind Cocktail Event - Save your place!
Startup Grind Cocktail Event – Save your place!

School of Shine

TEL AVIV – Register & Ticket

Date & Time: Ongoing in Sept-Oct- Nov.

Have you ever wondered if there is a school where attending isn’t being a hassle but is actually a pleasure? As a ‘student‘ of Tel Aviv headquartered School of Shine, I am happy to inform you that yes, there is such a school out there. Of course, all these school concepts are pure semantics and School of Shine stands for a positive community for women who aspire to learn, laugh and lead. SOS uses the science of happiness and other well-being tools to support and safeguard the delicate balance of mind, body, and soul. Their events vary from bi-weekly Walk & Talk gatherings, to creative coaching workshops till monthly Coffee, Kegels & Conversation meetings. While their events are fun and held at ease, they provide concrete, practical kits on how to shift towards a positive mindset and to invest time for self-awareness and self-appreciation. There are certainly few things more empowering than seeing women helping other women. But perhaps finding a community, where you are free from judgments and rather filled with kindness, can make the exception. SOS promises both. So if you are just about to sit down to set your new goals, define what’s truly important to you, then why not do it with like-minded women? Join SOS’s The Passion Project, Create Your Future event on Sept 10 and let yourself shine!




Soul Writing

Tel AvivRegister & Ticket

Date & Time:  October 14, 2015 at 7pm – 9h00pm


The Tel Aviv-based Pink Pangea, a travel site founded by women to women, organizes their next Soul Writing workshop this October. As they say: ‘The woman traveler has full access to the world’. And indeed, their mission comes alive while featuring empowering travel information and travel stories. Pink Pangea aims to fill a gap when it comes to hands-on practicalities for traveling women. But they actually offer much more than an engaging and useful platform. With recurring Writing, Hiking & Yoga Retreats along the greatest spots in the world, and on-site and online writing workshops, Pink Pangea helps women to reach their true potential. Their upcoming Soul Writing workshop is for you if you want to tap into your creativity, nourish your soul and discuss your writing in an empowering setting. The workshop is held in Tel Aviv and led by New-York born, Columbia graduate writer, Rachel Sales. If you do one thing for your soul this autumn, be it this event. Would you stop yourself from finding your true call? I guess, not.


Pink Pangea Retreat
Pink Pangea Retreat

Women Talk Technology & Entrepreneurship

Ramat Hasharon Register & Ticket

Date & Time:  October 20, 2015 at 6PM – 9PM


Women Talk Technology & Entrepreneurship is a relatively fresh event on the Israeli scene. Organized by IBM, this Meetup kicked off this June. The idea is to give 5 Speakers 15 minutes to talk about Technology & Entrepreneurship. What else to expect? Networking, networking, and networking.  You will have a chance to meet some of the most interesting women in the Israeli startup industry, and the leaders of the major companies, and academia in the niche. The lineup for October is yet to be announced, but here comes some names from the previous event to prepare the buzz: Dr. Aya Soffer – Director Big Data Analytics at IBM, Dr. Iris Ginzburg – Head of the MBA Entrepreneurship Programs; Orit Hershkovitz – Head of HR, IBM Israel, Ruth Polachek – Head of Citi Accelerator, Chairman and Founder of She Codes. And if you need some additional buzz, you get all these for free!

A Women’s Discovery – Fall Tour

Timna National ParkRegister & Ticket

Date & Time: October 22 – October 30, 2015

Do you feel you need a week of unwinding to (re)discover your inner strengths? Then the Women’s Discovery tour, organized by Puzzle Israel, is the treat for you! The tour is a week-long journey dedicated strictly for women. You will have the chance to meet women from different backgrounds, yet, with similar desires. You can challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, and enjoy a unique group-unifying experience in the heart of the Negev Desert. The venue is set in the scenic Timna National Park, located just by the southernmost part of Israel, Eilat. Note that you will need to bring forward your adventuress self as the retreat includes scavenger hunts, wine and cheese tastings, cow milking, group sing-alongs under the stars, and more. Though this event comes at a price, you will sure to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience and leave empowered and as a true “woman of valor”.

Women in Judean Desert
Women in the Judean Desert

October (1)

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Tel AvivRegister & Ticket

Date & Time:  November 11 – 14, 2015

If you trust Oprah Winfrey and so many others, then you know that the outer world is your cover story, and you need to go deeper to create lasting happiness and a fulfilled life. Stepping on this journey alone is often terrifying, and you easily end up in bigger confusion than you wanted to step out of in the first place. Don’t be shy to seek advice! Awakening the Illuminated Heart is a 4-day workshop to detoxify your soul from emotional traumas and allow yourself to turn your attention to your future. The workshop is led by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn, who travels the world to give away her transformational knowledge and experience and, thus,  will guide you to your deeper levels of self. Through meditations and other exercises like Dancing in the Dark, Unity Breath, Golden Pyramid healing, and Conscious Dreaming you will be able to leave behind all that does not serve you anymore. After the workshop, you are promised to have the tools to cope better with the upcoming changes, challenges and stress in your life while also having a clearer instruction of life built from your soul, not your ego.

She Codes

Various locations in IsraelRegister & Ticket

Date & Time:  weekly recurring event

We hope you don’t think that coding is still only for men! Coding is fun, coding is useful, coding is for women. She Codes holds together a community for 7,500 female developers who aim to promote women in the (male-dominated) software field. Their ultimate goal is the reach a 50-50 ratio within the Israeli hi-tech industry in the next decade. And they are not just saying this, but also actively creating platforms to help women learn a new language, called coding. They have weekly meetings at various locations: on Sundays join them at the Tel Aviv Google Campus; on Mondays meet them in Har-Hotzvim at the BrightSource offices, while Tuesday meetings are held in Giva’at Ram. All you need is a laptop and curiosity. The rest, getting a project, assigning you to a team, is taken care of. Enjoy how you expand your employable skills while having fun!

she codes




Virag Gulyas is the founder of MissCareerLess. She was born in Hungary but currently lives in Belgium. A former ballet dancer, who after leaving the stage started to build up her life #2. While being a diplomat and a communication & marketing coordinator, Virag slowly started to give in and listen to her heart. That is when she started to write and gave birth, first, to her own blog, and then to several published articles. She believes in honesty, openness and that women are the strongest creatures on earth.

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Photo credit: Flickr/ Israeltourism
Virág Gulyás is the founder of MissCareer/Less, a startup dedicated to women who embrace change, and works as a freelance creative project manager. As a former ballet dancer, she faced the challenges of what it means to change a career and start a new life in a culture where success is defined in linear terms. She believes that raw, honest storytelling is the new generation of women empowerment. Virág is an author, speaker and develops workshops to empower women and young (un)employed people.

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