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The top 7 women empowerment events in Budapest that you shouldn’t miss this Fall

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Slowly the wind begins to blow harder, your mornings get darker. But despite these changes your working routine re-enters its new season. And it shouldn’t terrify you. We have collected you 7 women empowerment events in Budapest, Hungary, that will inspire you this Fall. Our collection varies from events that can help you improving your business network, make connections with people and with yourself,  trigger your thoughts towards a more content life, and to try new things out; to reinvent yourself. Though Budapest is the mecca of expats, language barrier still comes to play when we are seeking the best of the bests. And when we are seeking for events focused on the feminine part of the population, the list just gets even tougher. So we decided to present you a mix: for locals and foreigners, for Hungarian speakers and English lovers, for women and women & men.

 October (2)

Business Networking 

Budapest Register & ticket

Date & Time: September 9, 2015 at 5pm

Language: Hungarian (currently working on the English website)

Save the date if you want to know more about how to make successful connections in your business. The program is organised by Budapest Bank’s umbrella program called Dobbantó. The programs are primarily aimed at women startup entrepreneurs. The upcoming Business Networking workshop will offer the chance fo women to meet two lecturers; simply, women to women. Bernadett Müller (Business Network International) and Beatrix Mészáros (Mindea online agency) are both professionals in business networking. While Bernadett will help women to answer the questions as to how to get a win-win situation in business relationships, and what types of networking tools are available as resources, Beatrix will guide women towards great networking means through her personal experience. The event will take place in the A Grund bar that is conveniently located in the heart of Budapest.

At the conference - Photo credit: Dobbantó - women empowerment events
At the conference – Photo credit: Dobbantó

Resistance! Resistance? 

Budapest Register & ticket

Date & Time: September 14-15, 2015  

Language: Hungarian

The SolutionSurfers Magyarország offers frequent free and for fee brief coachings and brief coach-trainings. Some events are even held in English, however, those aimed at a specific target groups: coaches, HR leaders. Thus, the event we chose is in Hungarian and aimed at tackling the issue of resistance. We all know when a client, colleague, or even a friend, comes to us saying he or she wants something. But then, we think that behind the lines actually he wants something else. This is what Resistance! Resistance? is about. To help attendees overcome this kind of resistance and guide them towards business relationships which are based on cooperation. So who should attend? Anyone, who wants to elevate his/her business to the next level and would like to know more about Steve de Shazer‘s work, The Death of Resistance. The workshop is led by Jesper H Christiansen who aims to show you the shortest (successful) way between you and others.

Yoga Festival Budapest 2015

BudapestRegister & ticket

Date & Time: September 27, 2015

Do you feel you might just get a bit workaholic lately? Or do you feel that your mind-body balance needs a little recharge? This combined yoga festival, where the lack of Hungarian language is surely not a barrier, is the best place for you this fall to find or lose yourself again in your body. We all know that it is the connection between your soul and  body that makes you a complex, working human being. And this what you can work towards at this day-long mini-retreat. You will have the chance to discover several types of yoga, and not just do it, but also know of it. The choices are many, starting from the traditional Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga, to the more gentle Spine Yoga and the special Women Yoga that makes true miracles with your feminine side. But this festival is also the place to find the teacher you connect to and mingle with aspiring yogis from all over Hungary. Just breath, and move!


Yoga Festival - Photo credit: Flickr/ thecosmopolitan
Yoga Festival – Photo credit: Flickr/ thecosmopolitan


Women and the IT industry

BudapestRegister & ticket

Date & Time: October 14, 2015, at 6 PM

Language: Hungarian

There is an organisation in Hungary that takes it all when we want to talk about feminism and gender equality. They are the group called Üvegplafon (Glass-ceiling). Some badass women with some unique ideas, and above all, with some real actions. Their conversation series attract many and they are the ones, who dare to touch upon the delicate issues and taboos of today’s society. Unfortunately, their events are organised in Hungarian, but let’s hope that sooner than later English will come as a natural second hand at these events. The upcoming talk will refine where women stand and what situation they face in the still very much male-led IT industry. And who will do the talk?  Júlia Bíró, tooling engineer from Prezi, Ádám Scheuring, product development, startup entrepreneur and Seres Szilvia media savvy (BME).  The moderator of the discussion is Anna Réz philosopher, one of the founders of Üvegplafon.

Talk series at Bálint Ház – Photo credit: Üvegplafon


October (1)

Recall Healing

BudapestRegister & ticket

Date & Time: November 6-8 2015, at 6 PM

Language: English

And yes, this exciting and stimulating event is in English. Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D. from Vancouver, comes to Budapest once again. His 29 years experience in natural medicines made his name a referring point all over the world. The work of his life is unquestionably the workshop series, called Recall Healing. This November he is teaching the 1st module out of his 3 module-based program that focuses on relationships and family related issues. “Recall Healing works to identify the overwhelming emotional and psychological traumas behind most conditions and behaviours and in this way it contributes to optimizing the efficiency of the healing process,says Renaud. This event gives you an in-depth knowledge about how to overcome your blocks and thus, shows you the way towards self-healing. You don’t have to be a post-grad in medicine or a healer, the event is suitable for anyone, who is interested in natural medicine.

Workshop for nonviolent communication

BudapestRegister & ticket

Date & Time: November 14, 2015

Language: Hungarian

Good communication is the basis of all healthy relationships. And yet, we all have trouble with it. Negotiating at work, within the family, and in any relationship is always a platform to win or loose, to hurt or be able to convey a message without verbal violence. The first step, such as in anything we touch, is to recognise what we do. Are we violent? Or are we using communication in a firm, yet nonviolent way? This one-day training will help you to gain new skills and tools to develop your effective communication skills and your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Éva Rambala, the accredited trainer of nonviolent communication will guide you towards a communication without criticism and judgments, towards a better understanding of your communication tools, and to how to show more gratitude while communicating with others. You will leave empowered and filled with self-developing kits to use in the future.  If you are interested in psychology, communication between people,  or simply, you have the desire to develop your skills, this is the workshop for you this November.


Literally dinner with  Lottie Moggach

Budapest Register & ticket

Date & Time: November 14, 2015

Language: English

Brody Studio, as described by The Guardian, is Budapest’s epicentre of cool. And indeed, the great variety of unique experiences (comedy nights, gastro events) are giving us difficulty to choose.  This September, however, we found something exciting that matches our needs to empower you. Lottie Moggach is a British journalist, whose novel Kiss Me First is simply brilliant. She will join Brody Studio for a night where she talks about how identity alters in the digital age, how virtual relationships are based on dishonesty and other delicate new-age questions that hit right in the vein. This event promises some thought-provoking discussions through which you will be able to grasp a better understanding of yourself and your real identity in this virtual reality. The talk is accompanied by Kertész Endre cellist. And don’t forget to come hungry, this is a literally-dinner after all, and that means food for the soul and food for your body.


Lottie Moggach - photo credit: Brody Studio
Lottie Moggach – photo credit: Brody Studio








Cover photo credit: Flickr / Moyan Brenn
Dorottya Tamás
Dorka was born in Budapest and still lives there. She studies Media and Communication at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Her aim is to be a civil journalist and a writer/poet at the same time. She is truly an artistic person with an endless drive towards knowledge. Besides studying, currently, she is a member of the university’s media centre as a journalist, has been published as a poet, and volunteers in a Hungarian feminist organisation. Her inspirations are Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood, JKR, and Nabokov. She is also a fashion lover, Potterhead and fairy-believer.

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