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5 Tips on How to Cross the Bridge Between Thinking and Doing

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The paradox of life – the yin and yang

The reason behind things seldom happening the way we plan or wish is not our bad luck or helplessness as a human. What we call life is, in fact, the perfect combination of the yin and yang of our efforts and the laws of nature. Life is not dominance or surrender; it’s balance. We are not in control of life, nor are we controlling it. Laws of nature and we, humans, are collaborators who must accept each other and play their parts to maintain the balance of existence.

As a girl being brought up in the middle of a society going through its wax and wanes, I’ve often seen progressive approach and mediocre ballet dancing around our lives. It’s hard to tell which approach is going to steal the show, but one thing is obvious – such times are the times of making choices. A funny thing about the paradox of living is that it’s always about choices; whether we choose to live by choice or decide to surrender to the status quo. It’s always a choice.

I often come across an ideology that we are all helpless slaves to our fates – and resistance and struggle only make it harder for us to attain the ultimate harmony. What we have been missing all the time is that fate is not what we have been thinking it to be. It’s not a standalone entity; it’s a combination of the laws of nature and our actions. So how can we, the women, the humans, who want to give our best to our lives and the world grow out of our societies that celebrate status quo and shallow talks instead of understanding the significance of directed and unhindered action?

One obvious thing is being strong at heart and be determined. There are, however,  a few other steps that you can consider if you are someone who wants to cross the bridge between thinking and doing.

Here are 5 steps to start your walking:

1. Understand that it won’t be easy! Click To Tweet

Seriously, comfort is overrated. We are designed in a way that our natures flow towards ease and comfort. Life is overwhelming. It’s okay to want to be in comfort, but we should also understand that we cannot find peace by desperately thinking about it and avoiding doing things we know are crucial for us. If you want to live a purposeful and dynamic life, working towards your own betterment and helping others in their positive goals too – know that it won’t be easy and make peace with it.

2. People won’t do it for you! Click To Tweet

People won’t let you do it just like that either. Not your best friends, not your family, not even the person who has been inspiring you all the time by their motivating words; they will not do it for you. This is where the bridge, the obstacle, will become even more vivid to you. You might observe that those, who’ve been talking all their lives about achieving greatness, about doing the right things, might make a U-turn if you try to seek their moral support when doing all of those things. Seeking validation when you are already on the edge of determination is a highly toxic behavior. You might be sent into guilt-trips by people who are perhaps facing very different circumstances in their own lives and for this reason making different choices from yours. Expecting anyone to applaud your choice might just make you weaker.

3. Read about those who’ve done it! Click To Tweet

If possible, be with the people, who’ve walked across the bridge. The right kind of company can do miracles. Study the people who’ve achieved their goals by growing through impossible circumstances. Be with supportive and proactive people who share the same level of determination.

4. Do it for others! Click To Tweet

Inspire them. Encourage them. Grow into a team and do it together. Empathy will make you stronger from inside, and you will not feel discouraged by those who are trying to make you quit. You will be able to see through their pain and obstacles that have made them negative. As your fear and anger regarding these people vanishes, you’ll feel empowered and independent.

5. Accept and set realistic goals! Click To Tweet

As I’ve already said, life is about balance. The outputs of your struggle might not be exactly what you dreamed of, but don’t let this make you bitter. Acceptance and determination go hand in hand – never underestimate the power of any of them. Set realistic goals and never stop.

There are many things about life that are not under our control. As this world is all about motion, similarly human thoughts and feelings are like water that shouldn’t become a static pond. We need to flow – this is how we shift into harmony with the nature in motion.

Do your best and be your best. Don’t surrender, don’t stop at the thoughts, do the actions; and cross that bridge!

Do your best and be your best. Don't surrender, just cross that bridge! Click To Tweet



Featured photo credit: Flickr/ Andi Campbell-Jones
Zahra Akbar
Zahra Akbar is pursuing her masters in English Linguistics and Literature at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. She doesn’t believe in confining herself to formal education and keeps wandering to seek knowledge. Zahra loves star gazing, oil painting, and good conversations; though she can’t say no to a good cup of tea either. As someone who believes in ‘human empowerment’ and equality, she dreams of promoting the same approach along with leadership skills and proactive living among the youth of her region.

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