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Even If You Love What You Do, Learn To Unplug

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It was a long, exciting and challenging week. We are a small team and publishing an article each day for a week is demanding. It requires you to go out of your comfort zone, handle stress more efficiently, be more of a team player, accept advice, seek feedback, and be available and ready to react at any time. 

This week was the first, real trial of how the magazine, I envision, could work. We still have a long way to go. But we passed the test with an A+. We reached our target, and published five articles each day, no matter what challenges we faced. We welcomed 100 new fans on our Facebook page. Our articles were read and shared by a few thousands of people globally. We received emails saying thank you for our great work. We received emails asking for cooperation. We received emails asking for more of what we do. This week was beautifully exhausting. And the show must go on.

But there was something very controversial in this week also. I loved how things went. I am fanatically celebrating every little triumph we make. But by yesterday morning I felt more tensed than usual, my wrists got swollen, and my eyes were red. And I realised that I was plugged into my phone, checking emails without a proper break. I was editing articles at 7 am or 11 pm while I had no time to talk to my family, which I hardly see because of distance.  I was thirsty to fulfil my own standards, thirsty to achieve what we set, thirsty to see how it could be, and I was thirsty to fulfil my responsibilities towards my incredible team and readers.

My only breaks were those 20 minutes forced exists when I would get out to read Thrive from Arianna Huffington. And there it was. She was talking about the importance of re-defining success, the importance of plugplugging, unwinding, and breathing. She was telling me how today’s thirst to succeed leads us to half alive zombies. And she is right. Today, being an over-doer, over-achiever, over-worked, ‘over-everything’ is the ultimate step towards modern age success. But is it really?

I understood, once again, how easy it is to over-do and to over-stretch ourselves until we lose the connection with our real self. It is so easy to lose track of time in our hyper-connected world. It is so easy to aim for more and more perfection in our over-demanding world. But it is hard not to seek constants feedback for our work. It is hard not to edit that one more article just to be on (ahead of) time. It is hard not to have that ‘just one more thing’ before we turn off the lights.

My message for you today, therefore, is that: even if you love what you do, and even if it doesn’t feel like work at all (but especially if it does), learn to unplug. Learn to unwind. And learn to do nothing. And know that nobody will (should) judge you for these moments of ‘doing nothing’. Know that you will not miss out on anything. And know that you will still be able to reach your dreams.
Just breath!
 And learn to enjoy the seemingly empty hours. Nothing will happen if for one day nothing happens. Those, who want to wait for you, will be there!

Keep on smiling…



Virág Gulyás is the founder of MissCareer/Less, a startup dedicated to women who embrace change, and works as a freelance creative project manager. As a former ballet dancer, she faced the challenges of what it means to change a career and start a new life in a culture where success is defined in linear terms. She believes that raw, honest storytelling is the new generation of women empowerment. Virág is an author, speaker and develops workshops to empower women and young (un)employed people.

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