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“Every business started from nothing and this should be its own inspiration” – Interview with Rachel Sales, founder of Pink Pangea

Israel is not only a place for enjoying the sunshine, the always busy beaches or joining the rapidly growing startup communities. The country, and especially Tel Aviv, also holds a vibrant and versatile event pool for women who are seeking some true empowerment. During my last trip, I attended quite many

“Every time I climb to the top of a mountain, I feel so freaking awesome” – Interview with Bettina Peets founder of the Adventure Goddess Retreats and Events

  Bettina Peets is changing her life - one adventure at a time. And, with her new business Adventure Goddess Retreats and Events, she is also doing this for other women. In Bettina’s words, “Adventure Goddess was created to bring women together to bond, to help women step out of their box,


ladies, why the catfight - article

  Women everywhere! There is one thing you are doing wrong. Instead of pulling each other down, it's time to help and empower each other. While the battle between the two sexes is one thing, the fight between the same sex is an important issue. In every society, women had to struggle

Quick guide to the Economics of Motherhood

  Enroll for Economics 101 Economics was not the easiest subject in school for me. There were many concepts and theories that took time for me to comprehend. As I’ve grown and made difficult decisions, ironically the economic theory of opportunity cost has been at the forefront of my mind. My economic professors

Resources to help you become comfortable with change

Beep. You have a new message in your inbox. It was a gloomy morning, and I was just about to set up my to-do list for the day when I heard the beep. No secret it was my boyfriend. Distance makes us use email and other technological weapons more often that we


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