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5 ultimate tips to boost your employability while traveling

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Traveling is often associated with vacations or simply with free time. And free time is often associated with doing nothing. Free time is the escape from the busy times. But does it mean that traveling should only be about beach, sun creams and mojitos?

I’ve started traveling with a purpose when I was 15. I headed to the USA to take part in the summer workshop of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. After that, each summer was about traveling somewhere, and it meant everything but free time. Usually, these travels were full of preparations, anxieties and lots of work while my luggage was filled with ten pairs of point shoes and fifteen leotards. Perhaps this why traveling for me is a tool to develop my personality, to learn something new, to challenge myself. Of course, I would be lying if I’ve said that I don’t enjoy the beach, the sun and the mojitos (though only the virgin of it), but I try to make sure that when I pack my luggage for my return flight I bring home something more than a good tan.

Therefore after all these years I can share with you to my five ultimate tips on how to make the most out of your travel:

1. Be Curious

It might seem blunt and evident, and you might assume that by traveling you are already curious. But are you, really? Are your curious enough to look around and figure out the quality of life the city has? Does it have homeless people all around? If so, why? Why do you buy the metro ticket that way? Is the ticket more expensive than in your home? How much would you pay for your home in this country? These are just hints, but try to walk the city with questions in your head. That will keep your mind open, curious and wild awake. Sometimes you will get the answers just by being there; sometimes you might need to do your homework. Either way, answering your questions will lead you to more knowledge about the place you are visiting. It will help you to benchmark with your home and other places, and it will give you a solid view of the world itself.

How can you utilize it in your job?

Let’s say your boss wants to travel to the city that you visited a few years ago. He is planning to organize a conference there and asks for your help. And that is the moment you will say: ’Oh, I remember the hotel next to us was a real hub for businessmen; iI think it might be the perfect place for us.’ Curiosity makes you active. And who wouldn’t like to work with someone, who sees, hears and acts?


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2. Learn Languages

Pretty evident, right? But no, not really. Many people get a language certificate without having the confidence to use it. Traveling is the time to actually practicing your language skills. Be bold, be shameless! Some might correct you, some might smile with you, but everything serves your interest. If you are traveling to a country with more than one local language, use the one you are weaker at.  If you are new to languages, listen. Only by listening you will obtain a language awareness that will make you feel safer and more confident. Going to a country, whose language you don’t speak? Perfect! Make sure to pick up the very basics even if you never want to be fluent. These drip drops of different languages will be your best icebreakers in the future.

How can you utilize it in your job?

Today, languages are worth more than any diplomas. Make sure to polish your skills, or pick up new languages and a whole new world opens up to you.


3. Enrol for courses

Wherever you go, you can find courses, workshops, and panel debates in your desired area. If you have a specific interest, just search for the term and the city you are visiting. If you want to try out new things the choices are endless. When is the time if not your free time to try out all those things you never have time for?! That painting class, that Thai Chi lesson, or that HTML coding lecture. Go and enroll! There are numerous 1-2 days intensive courses, but if you still want to enjoy your mojito, there are plenty of half a day or few hours long educational workshops. Nothing, nothing is ever useless!

How can you utilize it in your job?

If you are a freelancer, these courses are more than simply part of your continuing education. These are the best platforms to network, meet like-minded people and learn how they succeed. If you are an employee, who likes his job, a new skill might get you that long awaited promotion. And what if you are an employee who doesn’t like his job? Then these are the perfect ways to figure out which direction you want your career to change.


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4. Network

You don’t need fancy events, chic dress code, and personal invitations to get and share business cards. Sometimes you don’t even need your business cards (after all you are enjoying your free time). But you can network on the bus, the subway or simply while queuing at the shopping mall. Networking truly has its business taste, but what if you leave your agenda at home and just talk to people around you because you are curious  of who they are.

How can you utilize it in your job?

You will be surprised to find out that the tall man with a hat on your right side is a Chief Editor of the magazine you’re a pitching for. Or the lady in the destroyed jeans looking for her last coins is the Sales Manager of the company you are trying to get through to. You will always attract the people you need. But how could you know if you are not willing to talk? Once made contact, don’t forget to follow up on it.


5. Attend Events

If you have done your courses, practiced your languages, made joyful networks and kept your curiosity wild awake, there are good chances that you naturally fall on events that are in line with your job, hobby, or personal interest. If not, don’t get it to your heart. Start searching. Eventbrite is one of the best sites to search for events globally. Some are for free; others require some budget, but you have all those amazing options out there. Make sure you don’t miss them out! A gallery opening that shows you a new promising artist, who suddenly becomes your favorite. That book-reading with your beloved author. The free yoga class at the local park. Go, try them!

How can you utilize it in your job?

Be it for your own pleasure or for your business purposes, events are there to enhance your creativity, to show you what’s out there, to learn and get encouraged. Aren’t all these skills the ones employers are looking for?

Even if you follow just one of these tips during your next trip, you will feel more empowered and confident when the time comes to return home. Though you were spending your vacation and free time, between two mojitos you enriched your know-how and skills making you a more employable (and better) person by definition.



Virag was born in Hungary but currently lives in Belgium.

A former ballet dancer, who after leaving the stage started to build up her life #2. While being a diplomat and a communication & marketing coordinator, Virag slowly started to give in and listen to her heart. That is when she started to write and gave birth, first, to her own blog, and then to several published articles. She believes in honesty, openness and that women are the strongest creatures on earth. More about Virag


Virág Gulyás is the founder of MissCareer/Less, a startup dedicated to women who embrace change, and works as a freelance creative project manager. As a former ballet dancer, she faced the challenges of what it means to change a career and start a new life in a culture where success is defined in linear terms. She believes that raw, honest storytelling is the new generation of women empowerment. Virág is an author, speaker and develops workshops to empower women and young (un)employed people.

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