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Living in Berlin it’s like attending an endless music festival – there’s always something going on – no matter what time of the day and which season it is. Music, workshops, lectures, meetings, merchandise stuff for free and countless ideas filling the air like the soap bubbles blown by relaxed Berliners which look like they’re always on holiday. Living in Berlin is already a kind of profession, and it’s an art indeed. This metropolis can leave behind its competitors in things as creative spaces, entrepreneurial spirit and affordability of living. To find your way in Berlin and to succeed in it, you have to be at a right time in a right place. Thus, we collected the top 10 women empowerment events for you to know about right times and right places this fall. All could add some color to your life. We have picked the most exciting events in Berlin that offer you professional growth, spiritual development, networking, lots of useful information, and of course, fun per Berlin-style.


October (2)

Forever Now Festival

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Date & Time: September 3-6, 2015

For whom? Everyone who loves life or wants to learn to love it, those who are seeking for a change and transformation, yoga-fans, social-changers.

Forever Now Festival celebrates transformation. Transformation, which can be reached through meditation, yoga, spiritual practices, art and which leads to happiness, inner balance, self-confidence, and personal development. The organizers created a wonderful line-up full of interesting meetings and workshops, dedicated to feeding your soul with joy and your body with energy. Apart from these visitors will meet Berliner social activists and learn more about the projects that are shaping the unique image of the city. As an inseparable part of Berlin – street food will also find its place at the festival’s venue: 20 food trucks will feed not only your feelings but your stomach. If you sense that it’s time to change, but you don’t know where to start – drop by the Forever Now Festival and get your portion of inspiration.

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3. Lange Nacht der Startups – 3. Long Night of Startups

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Date & Time: September 5, 2015 at 8h30 am – midnight

For whom? Startupers, potential founders, students, job-seekers, bloggers, freelancers, curious ones.

What do you know about Berlin? Alexanderplatz. Brandenburger Gate. Check Point Charlie. Reichstag. Berghain. Start-ups. Yes! Berlin is the European capital of start-ups. And the city has all the great conditions for it: pretty low (in comparison with other European capitals) rent prices, friendly politics towards founders, young and multicultural population. That’s why there’s no wonder that the event Long Night of Startups is taking place in Berlin. The long night is actually a long day, which starts at 8.30 am and consists of three parts:

  • Conference – with panel discussions focused on sharing knowledge and experience;
  • Hackathon –  invites all the hackers, designers, coders and creative personalities
  • Exhibition – an opportunity to discover the participating start-ups (See the complete list is available here)

So if you are planning to launch your own start-up, searching for co-founders, interested to find a job in a start-up or just curious about the growing Berliner start-up scene – then Friday 5. September is your day!

lange nacht startup

TEDxBerlin “xponential change”

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Date & Time: September 6, 2015 at 10h30 am – 3pm

For whom? Geekettes, digital natives, researchers, founders, those who watch at least one TED Talk a day, to all the tech-curious.

This event doesn’t need much introduction: the project TED – Ideas Worth Spreading is a global platform for people to share their experiences, motivate and inspire others. TEDx is an independent TED event, and Berlin has been hosting TEDx since 2009; introducing a new theme every year. This time TEDxBerlin conference is devoted to xponential change and all its possible aspects. Humans and machines have been never so attached as they are nowadays, gadgets turned into a sufficient part of our life and created us a comfort zone we will barely leave voluntarily. To talk about tech progress – from robotics to nanotechnologies, TEDxBerlin invited eminent referents from different sides of the tech field. Andrew Keen, writer and well-known critic of the US tech-business, and Emma Mulqueeny, the founder and CEO of Young Rewired State, represent those, who are in the search for digital democracy. Human rights activist, Hyeonseo Lee, will teach the audience about the potential change in the North Korean political situation caused by technical innovations and development. Cory D. Kidd, the founder, and the CEO of Catalia Health will introduce the newest highlights from the world of robotics and their way to the artificial intelligence. Are you part of the digital society? Then TEDxBerlin “xponential change” should be on your September agenda.

Festival der Ideen – Festival of Ideas

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Date & Time: September 10-13, 2015

For whom? Absolutely everyone. Germany is a country of ideas.

Don’t agree? Check how many items labeled with “Made in Germany” you have at home. For ten years, numerous projects participated in the contest “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”. And now, the Festival of Ideas celebrates the creativity and innovation built during these years. The program of the festival is extremely versatile and offers plenty of activities: ideas slam, workshops, panel discussions, presentations, city tours. The event will be officially opened on Thursday 10, September, but already on 9th September you can take part in a pre-launch StreetArt-Workshop with more than 10.000 people. During the festival you’ll have a chance to meet the contest’s winners from different years, get to know more about the winning projects and their application in modern days, network and form your ideas.


#Witas – Women in Tech and Startups Berlin Meetup

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Date & Time: September 11, 2015 at 7pm

For whom? Women interested in tech, media and start-ups, women searching for a job or partners for a project.

#Witas is a monthly meetup of tech-oriented ladies of Berlin. This project was launched by Nicole Simon – social media guru, blogger, author, consultant, and a cult personality in Berliner tech scene. The goal of the meetup is simple: bring together women who are passionate about tech and start-ups, to develop their career and personal perspectives, encourage the exchange of ideas and create a strong platform for ladies in tech. Men can also attend the meetup, but only as a +1 of a lady. So if you are interested in getting an insight into Berliner startup scene and meet like-minded women in the tech industry – then you have just found a plan for a Friday night.

PANDA Drink and Drive Cocktail Hour

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Date & Time: September 16, 2015 at 8pm

For whom? Already existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs, bloggers, women with ambitions.

Don’t be misled by the title – the event doesn’t have to do anything with wildlife. PANDA is a women career contest and a network for female professionals, focused on female leadership. Since 2013 PANDA network holds an annual contest to discover and support women with power. Apart from the contest, PANDA invites aspiring wonder women for regular meetups and networking events in different German cities. In September, you can join their after work event in the glamorous Sky bar atop of Andel’s Hotel. And you get a chance to meet like-minded women, share your ideas, network, get inspired, find out more about PANDA and sip delicious cocktails. And watch out, the PANDA Women Career Contest is still ongoing! Discover more about the contest here.


FuckUpNight Berlin Vol. IX

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Date & Time: September 17, 2015 at 7pm

For whom? German speaker students, start-up founders, potential start-up founders, bloggers, hipsters, inspiration-seekers, those who are scared of failure.

In April, we have already written about FuckUpNight Berlin Vol. IV. And since then, four more FUN events took place in our capital, always leaving a tremendous trace in the media. What is it about? FuckUpNights is a series of events where entrepreneurs are sharing their stories of failures – quite unusual in our success-oriented society. They’re doing it not to seek a shoulder to cry on but because they want to prove that a failure is part of success. So if you’re afraid of failure – this event is for you. After a little summer break, the team of FuckUpNights Berlin is back with new speakers, stories and tons of positive energy. Add to this the beautiful location Jackie O on the Spree bank – and this could be the perfect end of summer. And if you feel like sharing your failure story with the Berliner audience – don’t hesitate to contact FuckUpNights Berlin.



female:pressure Perspectives Festival

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Date & Time: September 25-26, 2015

Perspectives is a music festival with the goal to raise awareness to the representation of women in electronic music.

The event is organized by the network called female:pressure, which unites female electronic artists from different countries. female:pressure conducted a research proving the severe underrepresentation of women in electronic music and since 2013, they’re holding this Perspectives Festival to increase the visibility of women behind the turntables. ‘Perspectives‘ is not only music, though. Apart from experiencing promising female artists live, you can also take part in workshops, panel discussions, attend lectures, and meet like-minded individuals who believe that electronic scene is not solely a male domain.




Forum “Gründen in der Kreativbrache” – Forum “Starting a Business in the Creative Field”

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Date & Time: October 6, 2015 at 7pm

For whom? German speaker ambitious and creative ladies, who are striving to create their own business.

There is a stigma in society that being an artist is not a profession, and one cannot make a decent living by working in the creative field. Especially, if this one is a woman. Gründerinnenzentrale (The Centre for Female Founders) is a project created to support women entrepreneurs at any step of their career, and help women to feel more confident and secure in the business-world. The network holds regular meetings, workshops, discussions and networking events to expand the business horizons for women. On October 6th Gründerinnenzentrale invites all the creative ladies to their forum, where guests will find information concerning the legal aspects of a creative enterprise, tax regulations, as well as funding opportunities in this special niche. Come over, meet the experts, discover, ask questions, network and make a step forward towards your dream!


October (1)

Travel Bloggers United – Come together

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Date & Time: November 8, 2015

For whom? Bloggers, travel bloggers, travel photographers and all, who is interested in the travel scene.

What is trendier today than blogging? Travel blogging! Millions of people worldwide, with wanderlust in their hearts, created the movement that combines two huge passions: writing and traveling. Although more and more people manage to turn this into a real job, at the community of Travel Bloggers people still enjoy having a full time job while devoting time to their passion. Do you want know how to start a side career beside your office job? Then come over and discover the wonderful world of travel bloggers from the first hand. Attention: the location of the event is yet to be set, so follow Travel Bloggers United on Facebook to get the updates concerning the event.





Hanna was born in the USSR, grew up in Belarus and nowadays lives in Germany, travelling eagerly whenever there is an opportunity. Nowadays she is a Social Media Manager and one of the Directors of online magazine OneEurope, where she is involved in countless activities managing a team spread out through the whole Europe.Hanna’s current goal is to start a career in the field of PR & Communication in Berlin, she has a strong interest in the start-up stage, passion for technology and huge drive for creation and development. More about Hanna


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