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Only 15% of the Tech Summit Visitors Are Women – The Solution is: Sprinters!

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There are two awesome women out there – working day and night – to begin their startup venture; all because they believe in the power of women!

Saskia, (find her in Berlin) and Mevish (find her in London) are about to shake worlds, trends and, above all, the future of gender parity at the Tech Summits.
As they (justly) point out, last year only 15% of the visitors at the Web Summit were women. This just doesn’t sound right, does it?

Seeing these number I’m never really sure where to find the roots of this dramatic outcome, since the women I meet with are…

  • creative 
  • committed  ✓
  • hard-workers 
  • filled with ideas ✓
  • ready to kick-asses (read as driven) ✓
  • outgoing ✓
  • go the extra mile ✓
and the list goes on…


So why are women so underrepresented when it comes to the Big Games?
Of course, there are many different views on the ‘whys’ and many different answers on the ‘how to make these numbers a bit (a lot) more attractive’.

One of the solutions is offered by this wonderful female duo of Saskia & Mevish, the founders of Sprinters; a three-day accelerator program promoting more women in tech.


“There is a huge lack of women in tech. During last year’s Web Summit only 15% of the visitors were women – and even worst, only three female CEOs were listed on the Summit’s Top 100 Tech CEOs list of attendees. Where is the gender equality? We have to make a difference and bring more women on board”, says founder Mevish Aslam.


During last year’s Web Summit only 15% of the visitors were women Click To Tweet


So, we see that there is a gap that needs to be filled. And we know that Sprinters is taking actions to fulfill its mission.

Sprinters offers professional support and guidance through mentorship and workshops while women develop their idea into a feasible product or service ready to launch on the third day. So, expect plenty of brainstormings, idea-sharings, women to women supports, hands-on mentorships – and to keep your spirits at a constant high-level-, inspiring speakers.

Their kick-off event takes place from October 31st to November 2nd, 2015, in Dublin. Yeah, we know, time is ticking. But you can still apply – and for that click HERE!


By the end of the 3 days, 30 ambitious women will have something tangible in their hands. They enter the room with an idea and they leave with a full-fledged plan on product development and bold readiness to pitch it to the judging panel.

Sounds like something we would want to do!


And no, this was not a paid advertisement. MCL believes in these girls and, thus, we’re a proud media sponsor of Sprinters!


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