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Cents & Sensibility: Women and Money – MCL Event Review from Utah

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From motherhood to businesswoman


A few weeks ago, I was able to attend one of our recommended Women Empowerment Events in Utah you shouldn’t miss this Fall. Cents & Sensibility: Women and Money was held at my alma mater, at the Utah Valley University. The event focused on educating women on how to develop a healthy relationship with money and how to achieve financial empowerment. Regardless of our circumstance, I believe it is important to know how to manage money and to be actively involved in financial decisions.


The keynote speaker was Gail Miller, one of Utah’s most well-known business women. With the death of her husband five years ago,  she went from focusing on her motherhood responsibilities to running a multi-million dollar business. In her transition to business woman she states, “I found out it was really fun.”

 “It was hard to extract myself. I like to be involved and having input. I’m a late bloomer. All those years I was in the background not making much of a splash. I was content to be in the background, but then, just before he died, Larry said: ‘I need you to step forward. I need you to be the bridge.’ Once I got into it, and got involved in the work, I realized it was a dynamic thing.”  


Learned by practice

With little educational opportunities, she has learned how to run a successful corporation through her ability to understand money and financial management. Mrs. Miller is an advocate for women obtaining higher education and she has created a scholarship fund to help individuals receive the opportunity to attend college. She believes higher education leads to more economical freedom and provides the resources necessary to obtain financial empowerment.

CENTS & SENSIBILITY: WOMEN AND MONEY – Photo credit: Utah Valley University


Gail Miller‘s  top 3  advice to all women in attendance:

Money doesn’t define you, you define who you are Click To Tweet
1. Money doesn’t define you, you define who you are

When we become so focused on achieving financial success, we may lose ourselves along the way. We may find ourselves sacrificing our core values and beliefs. Money will come and go but our integrity will define who we are.


The quality of your life is determined by the decisions you make Click To Tweet
2. The quality of your life is determined by the decisions you make

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make. We need to visualize our future then set goals to make them a reality. We need to make decisions that will give us the opportunities to achieve the life we want.


Money is a tool to do good things Click To Tweet
3. Money is a tool to do good things

We can be a source of good in the world when we are generous with our money. When we have an altruistic outlook we can find opportunities to contribute to the greater whole of community and country. As we give, it will allow others to be empowered to change their circumstances.


She ended her exciting and thought-provoking lecture with the following quote from Henry David Thoreau: “Not only must we be good, but we must be good for something”
We need to be an active participant in improving our lives and achieving the goals we have set for ourselves.


Betsy Allred Toyn
Betsy currently resides in Utah, USA, where she was born and raised. After the birth of her little girl, Betsy decided to leave the workforce and become a full-time mom. She is currently busy helping her two little girls discover the beauty, creativity and love in the world. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” -Eleanor Roosevelt, is a philosophy that she hopes to instill in her children. Betsy believes in stepping outside of your comfort zone and realizing your full potential.

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