Accepting Your Uniqueness And Let Go of Everything Else

Accepting Your Uniqueness And Let Go of Everything Else
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The brilliance of womanhood will ever continue to surprise and perplex the world in a dozen of languages. The unfettered glory of timeless beauty, unmatched strength to face the hardships of life, intelligence and compassion joins to make every woman fascinating and unique. I invite you to elaborate on this today and offer you some insight to how to embrace your uniqueness and let go of everything that is holding you back from doing that.


What fades away your uniqueness?

There may be a million reasons why a woman can feel incapable of living her dreams, unworthy of achieving excellence in her career and unaware of her own strengths. But the key reason – as why a woman paints the canvas of her life with shades of bitterness and misery – is that she surrenders or defies her own worthiness. It’s when her heart declines to entrust the purpose of her existence. This is when she poses herself as a martyr in the belittling world of men and a victim of ignorance. She feels herself occupying the most humble position on this earth not attempting to raise her head to see the vast blue skies and expresses a great degree of tolerance towards cruelty, bitterness and melancholy.

Every decision you make in life has benefits and consequences. Sometimes you have to go on faith and at times it also comes with a price. What if you were wrong? What if everything you ever believed was a lie? What matters the most is that you should not miss any opportunity to grow and excel only because you didn’t know your worth.


Learn to value your Unique Mark 

As we grow, we experience different shades of life. We like few, loathe many, trust some, avoid more, and we prepare a canvas of our character. But before sending us on  Earth, God (or call it as you wish) inculcates one SPECIAL GIFT in us which becomes our signature feature, our UNIQUE MARK. This extraordinary gift, like creativity, logic, compassion, wisdom, intelligence, etc. makes us different from each other. The greatest shortcoming of the human race, in general, and women, in particular, is our inability to understand and value our Unique Mark and to sustain it under all weathers of time.


What is needed from you?

Celebrate your work, your relationships and your life with the magic that is gifted to you only. You are one of God’s/Higher Spirit’s/Higher Energy’s excellent brand and you owe it to your creator, and yourself, to sustain it, no matter what hits you. Thus, continue to make your story … a success story. Keep striving for the sustenance of your Unique Niche. Build within you a sustainable drive to grow on your strengths.

Like the blooming rose, live your time as a queen celebrating your own beauty and unique fragrance. The purpose of life and the secret of existence is always to wear your heavenly smile of fulfillment, hope, and dream.

Take charge of your life by accepting your uniqueness and let go of everything that is holding you back from winning your dreams. Don’t waste every breath of your life trying to be the best that nobody has ever been. The tenderness and kindness that is mixed in the creation of a woman are not the signs of weakness and despair, but the manifestations of strength and our unique being. So, just embrace your uniqueness, and start it now.


Picture credit: Konstantin Tilberg (Flickr)
Nageen Riffat

Nageen Riffat

Nageen Riffat currently resides in Dubai, U.A.E., as an entrepreneur of Perfectibilist International ( Fashion Consultancy House).She has been on key positions in Pakistan representing the top US and HKG based multinational companies. She is also the Pakistan Chapter Leader and active member of Single Mom Movement, USA. Nageen has a passion for writing and coaching people in building their careers and live fuller lives. She is also a life coach and business trainer at Gallivant Solutions Inc., USA. Currently her book “Staple From The Deep” is in publication stage.
Nageen Riffat


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