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It was only a year ago when an idea turned into a website, and that website grew into a community. It was only a year ago when we dared to put ourselves out there, be vulnerable, and take a leap of faith. The road is long as we have big dreams. But already this one year has given us more than we could possibly hope for. And yes, you can always get better and we will – but we’re not here to like-hunt, we’ll not pay for you to follow us, we’ll not hire anyone to make our texts more Google-friendly. We are not here to pretend and encourage you to PRENTEND.

We are here to share the real life; through real stories, real scars, real joys. When from your family and friends, from your colleagues and bosses, from society to media everyone wants you to be someone they want you to be, this is when you need to be YOURSELF the most.
Are you lost and unsure what’s next? Know that there are millions out there feeling exactly the same way; even if their mascara shows otherwise.
Are you unemployed and not getting a chance? Know that being unemployed is not a curse but perhaps the biggest gift you ever get; even if you cry sometimes. And you will cry.
Did you just find your calling? That is amazing! Know that by sharing your journey with others you can actually change someone else’s life as well.

MCL was born out of personal needs; out of passion and out of the desire to help women accept themselves no matter where they are in their lives. Of course, we want to grow further, and we are humbled when our numbers show a steady increase. But we’re even more humbled when we receive a short email saying: ‘thank you.’

We believe that there is a place for every woman out there. We believe that only by helping each other we can succeed. We believe that honesty is a strength and not a weakness. We believe that sometimes less is merrier…

2016 will be a year to place the next bricks on our fundaments that we’ve built up in 2015. Stay with us and join the hundreds of other Women Who Change, Dare to Change and Dare the Change!

And as a start, read some of the testimonials we received for our 1st birthday celebration. Who needs better present than these words?

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