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If Spirituality has different rules for women; it’s not Spirituality

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It’s not novel for human societies to relate the oppression and exploitation of weaker groups done by powerful elements to the will of God. Often, when we suffer because the absurd rules made by humanity itself won’t let us ease our pain by making our own choices, we are told to avoid the conflict because it’ll cause us more harm. To make this process of surrender easier, they tell us to look at the situation as something God wishes for us. Those who enjoy a position of power don’t seem to have a strictly defined fate; they are freer to make choices or take actions according to their will and interest.

When I started studying spirituality, what inspired me the most was that at the energy level, there is no man or woman, there’s only energy, there’s only the soul. Religious and social rules might vary from society to society for men and women, but spirituality does not differentiate us by our genders; this is what makes us return to our origin – it’s the place of ultimate freedom and harmony. Whenever I get told by another woman, that certain things that are happening are a call for surrender, a signal that we must let those things happen instead of fighting for our right, I wonder if a man would also have to go through these trials (of submission) to prove himself worthy of the spiritual levels. I’m not sure; the rules of fate seem to be different for men after all.

It does not concern me how men view this problem – as I hinted that these ideas reached me through women themselves. How we, as women assess these things is more important. If instead of seeing the exploitation as a call from nature, saying it’s time to realize the difference between being passive and being spiritual, we still prefer to use defense mechanism, the problem is with our perspective. If you want to speak up for your right, no one has the right to spiritually blackmail you. If your male counterpart can reach out for opportunities, he can say yes or no according to his will and does not have to obsess about what the fate’s call while fighting for what he wants, it should be no different for you.

So what is spirituality if it’s not giving up on our rights? And why is it being confused with defense mechanism? I can’t go into the depth of these questions, but what I know for sure that a spiritual person knows their only duty is to nourish this planet. If you are not able to nourish and protect yourself, you cannot fulfill your duty towards your world. The first step towards spirituality should be getting rid of absurd beliefs and concepts that have been infused with dogmas and superstitions.

When we are talking about exploitation, we must not underestimate the role of the one being exploited in continuing the process. It’s tough love, but ladies you need to be able to see the enemy within. If you think the hour is dark, and you feel like you can’t just deal with the anticipation of the morning, that doesn’t mean you should start telling everyone that the sun has died to make them accept the darkness as their fate. If the society you are in, is making it difficult for you to pursue your ambitions, it is because of those who accepted that this will stay this way. Oppression is never a call for acceptance; it’s a hint from nature that something’s wrong, and it needs to be changed. Don’t be superstitious. Be spiritual, be wonderful, be a fighter and a healer; speak up for your rights.

Picture credit: Alice Popkorn (Flickr)

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