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MissCareerLess - About us

We are five women dispersed over the globe. We are five women with numerous diplomas, languages, certificates, skills, experience and above all, determination. We all come from different paths: not only from different backgrounds but also different countries, education systems, and societies. Yet, we arrived at very similar conclusions: we are CareerLess (not to be confused with jobless). We know that this word hardly exists, but we believe this is the best expression to where we are.

 MissCareerLess was born somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean during the 6-hour flight that connects very different job markets. But it could have been born above the Eurasian Mountains and still make proper sense.

Through our stories, we became friends. Through our stories we decided we needed something more than sharing our struggles or successes besides a cup of coffee.
Through our stories we learned: that we are not alone, that there are other ‘misses’ out there, that our situation is a social issue that screams for help around us quietly. Too quietly. 


MissCareerLess is not another commercial (and ‘like‘) led job-hunting website with tips on how to get a salary raise, how to prepare for an interview, or how to dress to impress. We don’t doubt the legitimacy of all these questions and we will certainly touch upon them. But we want to go beyond the round-up tips.

We want to be honest. We want to tell the truth!

We are brave enough to say that being a woman is difficult. We are brave enough to talk about the unfair CV-checks, the unbuttoned blouses during job interviews, the harsh office politics, the marriage for working visa or the unreported sexual harassments.

We are brave enough to publish real life stories without photoshop and mainstream-comfort-editing. 

We are brave enough to stand up for women at all ages and make the word careerless an expression that is defined in dictionaries.

We, the five Misses, are in our most prosperous years – so we were told. We are between 27 and 33. We should be dressing up in black costumes and high heels on early mornings, and be very busy with email checking all day long.

Only we are not. And we believe it is not our fault. There are things our CVs will never tell, and sadly, nobody seems interested to read further than the compulsory resumé buzzwords.

What connects us even further is the passion for words. We are all aspiring, journalists and writers. Therefore, nothing seemed more accurate than to create an online magazine, where multicultural women can tell their career(less) stories.

Read our mission that will answer all your questions.

Read the personal stories from our brave, amazing and empowering storytellers.

Read our interviews, reviews, features and the special men’s corner (since we give equal chances to all).

Once done, we have only one question remaining:

Do you have the guts to write for us?


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