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How would you define your target audience in one sentence?

– Our main niche is: ‘women who embrace change in any form.’

What do you mean by change?

– We mean everything that can affect a woman’s career life. Starting from changing jobs, making a career shift, moving to another state or country, altering her status from full-time employee to a home-based mum or create her entrepreneurship – and, of course, all these backwards.

Why do you think it is important to create a magazine for such matters?

– Because we believe there is a gap to fill. Though, the situation and chances of women are developing, there are still many, and rather delicate issues that we don’t consider as a ‘matter‘.

So, what is your mission with MissCareerLess?

– We are aiming to create an online platform that goes beyond the surface and publishes real life stories. The journeys of women (and men related to them), who are in, were or about to be in some sort of transition. We want to give them a chance to share their struggles and successes openly and with raw honesty. We not only want to create an e-zine for a reading material by your morning coffee but also to build a community, where women can cry on each other’s shoulder when all seems to fall apart, motivate each other, and ultimately, enjoy each other’s success. We’re committed to creating a new generation of women empowerment movement that builds on diversity, honesty and avoids pretentiousness.

Sounds like a virtual help centre for women…

– Well, we can define it like this until it doesn’t trigger a negative sense. We are not aiming to create a drawn-out site. Though, surely by human nature, we rather share our misery than our success. We hope to see both sides, but above all, we hope to see and read reality and honesty that empowers our readers.

You seem to put a lot of emphasis on honesty. Why so?

– We are all coming from places, where openness and honesty were everything but part of our lives. Then we all went abroad: to Western Europe.  Things tend to be more liberal here – though it does not mean that people are more honest – but it was only in the USA that we met the concept: slam and storytelling. If cultural differences exist, then they surely appear when it comes to openness. We use this word on purpose, since being open, of course, doesn’t necessary mean honesty, but it is still much closer than not being open at all. We want to encourage women to say: ‘I could not deal with being unemployed, I suffered, but I did…’. We want women to open up and know that they are not alone. We believe that sharing personal stories motivate and encourage others. We want to unveil the masks society requires us to wear.

How did the name come about?

– We needed a word with which we can play. Career was given since our topics are about our career lives. But we also wanted to indicate a situation when we don’t really have a career. So we were at career-less. Then we needed to focus on our niche and to imply that we added Miss, which is fresh, cheeky and most definitely womanly. And there you go: MissCareerLess.

Isn’t is pejorative?

– No. Since your eyes will read how you feel about yourself. If you have a career you will put the emphasis on MissCareer, if you are without one, you will read until the end. The wonders of the mind, you know. But one thing we would like to point out: careerless is not (necessary) jobless. You can hold a job and still feel rather careerless.

Who can write for you?

– Everybody. Women of all ages and walk of life. Men, who are brave enough to take a stand on women related issues, or who wants to challenge us with their stories.

Do they have to be writers to get published?

– No. We are looking for stories not impeccable stylistics and grammar. Of course, we do edit (if needed) submitted works, but we will not harmonise a voice for our magazine. We only ask certain guidelines to be met to ensure quality. We want to publish the voices of different women/men, from different ages, nationalities, cultures, and industries. However, we do accept and seek submissions from journalists and writers as well to build the other section of MCL, and that is to publish out-of-mainstream articles on various topics. To respect their profession, we created a different contribution section for them. And, of course, we are open for long-term collaborations as well.

What else should we know about MissCareerLess?

– Perhaps, that we are creating it with heart and passion. Because empowering each other rocks! If you don’t believe it, try it!



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