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My name is Virág Gulyás, and I’m the founder of MissCareer/Less – the e-zine for women who dare to change.

In 2006 I made the toughest decision in my life: I decided to stop being a ballerina. I decided to change from the only profession and passion I’ve ever knew since I was a little child to something NEW.

Well, that new was the unknown. I had no plan B, and I had no support system that would help create one. Changing a career was (and perhaps still is) something off-mainstream. Changing my pointe shoes to business meetings, the stage to a ‘tangible‘ new university degree, and building up a new life with a blank piece of paper didn’t come easy. But it took a while until it really hit me: so who am I if I’m no longer a ballerina? What is my profession now? What do I want to be when I grow up (again)?

I was 27 when I walked away from the new life #2 after a man-woman inequality power-game (aka harassment) in corporate life. It doesn’t mean I didn’t work for a company afterward, but this is when inside me I knew for good that this is not my way. I realized – what so many of us face at one point in life – that I was pushed around by all the different pressures instead of taking the time to figure out what I WANT from life.

After a 3-month escape to New York City, I dared to leap and founded MissCareer/Less. I know, I know you wonder why I gave this name and whether it has a negative connotation?

My answer is simple: MissCareer/Less is not a negative word. It’s a concept that fits perfectly for people who can’t and don’t want to define themselves with a singular career path; for people, who might not even be able to define who they really are as they have diverse skills, desires, and activities; and for people who just can’t fit under the regular corporate career paths. I could also say: multipassionates.

And I bet that your mind will play with you: if you happen to be somewhat lost, you will read it as MissCareer/LESS. But if you are at peace, you’ll only read MISSCAREER/less. Yes, our mind does trick us, doesn’t it?

Today, the magazine has over 30 contributors. Some of them write regularly; some pitch their ideas as they come. I’m happy with both.

We’ve over 1 Million visits, a newsletter with over 500 subscriptions, and we’re growing steadily.

MissCareer/Less is something we do out of passion. We’re not funded; we’re not paid (hope to get there one day); we just keep an open eye on the world and find ourselves writing diligently (and brutally honestly).

I’m happy you stopped by, and I do hope we bring you some great readings outside your usual sources!

— Virag

And who are my helping hands?

nayra-768x1024Nayara Moia
Community Creator @MissCareerLess

Nayara Moia lives in Sao Paolo Brazil. Having worked in the fashion industry she found herself mesmerized by the shallowness of the industry so decided to leave it behind, even if it was painful.

Today, she is a freelance marketing & social media manager, cool hunter, Girls in tech board member & enthusiast, and at heart, still fashion nerd. If not into work, she just wants to dance.


Alessandra Marino-2Alessandra Marino
#HireMe Coach @MissCareerLess

Alessandra Marino is an Italian writer and translator. She has lived four years in China, mainly working in the communication and media field. There she also spent one year as a recruiter, and found that most of the people who are trying to get their way into the right career path have trouble taking the first step to make their name known out there: describing who they are.

Alessandra has also worked as a communication trainee at the European Commission and she is now living in Italy where she helps people putting in words what they need to succeed.

And I’ll always be thankful for: 


Digital Mind @MissCareerLess

Ceci helped MCL defining our visual layouts & figuring out what’s behind the HTML codes.


Community Creator @MissCareerLess

Hanna helped MCL getting started & get our first loyal readers.


US outreach @MissCareerLess

Shamim educated MCL about the US market & helped us get out there;
especially, in the Big Apple.



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