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„Feminism? I prefer gender equality” – the myth of the F-word

I am a feminist

Reading Time: 3 minutesLena Dunham, the writer of the ‘Not that kind of girl,’ interviewed Hillary Clinton a few weeks back. And when the she asked Hillary, if she was a feminist, Hillary answered with a bright smile – “Yes, absolutely”. I relate to Hillary – I am one of those people who just say it out loud without any hesitation: I am […]

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“Apply to work with travel agencies or just marry a rich guy” – Interview with Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch

Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch

Reading Time: 6 minutesI met with Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch at a conference in Budapest, where she gave a fantastic lecture on the new types of family systems. Justyna, a Polish feminist activist, NGO founder, sociologist and gender Senior Researcher speaks passionately about the issues that matter. I’ve quickly found several common grounds with her;  starting from our Eastern-European background and the innate drive to […]

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“Stay out of my vagina, unless I want you in there” – Headscarves and Hymens by Mona Eltahawy

Mona Eltahawy

Reading Time: 3 minutes  It might even be obvious that I know more about the politics in the Middle East than the feminist initiatives for a sexual revolution. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet Mona Eltahawy, one of the leading feminists of the Arabic world, in person. Her book, Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution was just […]

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“This job has to be done with passion, and that’s all that matters” – Interview with Erzsébet Forgács film make-up artist


Reading Time: 7 minutes  I don’t really know many such lively and enthusiastic women as Erzsébet Forgács or as many in her profession call her, Böbe. She wasn’t sure if she should undertake the interview with me, – even though, if anyone, she should be proud of her career. Just highlighting some of the names of the actors and actresses she has worked with, […]

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The top 7 women empowerment events in Budapest that you shouldn’t miss this Fall


Reading Time: 5 minutesSlowly the wind begins to blow harder, your mornings get darker. But despite these changes your working routine re-enters its new season. And it shouldn’t terrify you. We have collected you 7 women empowerment events in Budapest, Hungary, that will inspire you this Fall. Our collection varies from events that can help you improving your business network, make connections with […]

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Do successful women have to stand up for feminism? Happy Women’s Equality Day!

emma watson

Reading Time: 4 minutes  I have a good news for all of you: the He For She campaign turns one-year-old on September 20. Emma Watson has proved – after Angelina Jolie and others – that a film star can do incredible things using their fame as power. The 25-yeard-old UN ambassador launched a campaign for gender equality by referring to her personal experiences and […]

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“I write because I cannot communicate verbally” – A personal journey about writing


Reading Time: 3 minutesBUDAPEST, HUNGARY – She is the girl with the “endless creativity in her mind”. Yes, this girl would be me. So no surprise when I started to think about what I should write, endless creative ideas came to my mind. Then I thought: this is the first from me here, so this should be really me. Recently, I went to […]

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