The 7 books that MissCareer/less Editorial Team is hooked on (today)

7 books article

Reading Time: 7 minutes  Afaf is reading: The Winner Stands Alone –  Paulo Coelho   A familiar quote to most of us. A quote we hear from people around us when things get difficult. It’s a lesson that is hard to understand or figure out at the moment, but with time, when the new road reveals itself, it starts making sense. “When God closes […]

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Are you a hostage at the table? The Party is not over, you better take care of yourself

hostage at the table

Reading Time: 4 minutes  In a culture where the majority is hostile to accept women in leadership roles, it was an uphill task to be part of an organisation which was going through a major change. I found myself in conflicting situations and this is where the book ‘Hostage At The Table’ by George Kohlrieser – former hostage negotiator – came to rescue me. […]

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The most essential steps to success – Review of Strengthsfinder 2.0

inherently human

Reading Time: 5 minutesNEW YORK CITY, USA – “You can succeed at anything as long as you work hard” – this saying has been making the rounds for decades. Taught in schools and reinforced in every hero’s tale that hard work indeed triumphs everything. Yet there are few heroes every decade and most of us still find ourselves far from being successful despite hard work and […]

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