‘Once you get married, you are lost for good’ – The teen Moms of Rural Punjab, Pakistan

Pakistan's women

Reading Time: 3 minutesHer pale skin devoid of any youthful glow was sticking tightly to her small bone structure, giving her a look of someone who had faced malnutrition. Her age must be around 16-17, but she had been married for a couple of years by now. With a naïve but strangely somber way, she spoke about how worried she was about not […]

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How we can help increase the worth of motherhood


Reading Time: 3 minutesMotherhood vs. career? Will there ever be a solution? Even though many will agree on the importance of raising children, the reality is the mother’s work is still highly devalued. Before I left the workforce to be at home with my daughter, I found there was a strong stigma against stay-at-home mothers. I found that fellow mothers had the most to say […]

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To Educate Girls is to Educate a Nation

women school

Reading Time: 3 minutes  “Morey (Mama), why am I not going to school like Lala (elder brother)?” said the daughter of a maid to her mother. Her mother scolded her to wash dishes silently. This is the story of the 10-year old Gulalie, who works with her mother as a maid at different houses of the nearby housing society. Gulalie, like every other […]

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If Spirituality has different rules for women; it’s not Spirituality


Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s not novel for human societies to relate the oppression and exploitation of weaker groups done by powerful elements to the will of God. Often, when we suffer because the absurd rules made by humanity itself won’t let us ease our pain by making our own choices, we are told to avoid the conflict because it’ll cause us more harm. […]

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Make sure that at the end of the day you end up laughing – Interview with Agnes Batllori production manager & mom


Reading Time: 5 minutesAgnes Batllori is a production manager in the film industry, relocating from Barcelona, Cataluna to London for work and then again to Delft the Netherlands for love, where she became a mom and now looks for the next challenge. Here, we had the chance to talk with Agnes about career choice, relocation, motherhood and more. Ildikó on behalf of MissCareerLess: […]

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To enjoy what you do, don’t set expectations!

love what you do

Reading Time: 2 minutesVirag’s editorials are landing weekly to the inbox of our rapidly growing MCL community. Subscribe to our MCL Empowerment weekly here!   I’m entering my 6th week. No, I am not here to tell you that I am expecting a baby; yet if I were to follow the expectations, I could easily be panicking. But I am not there. Yet. […]

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The Truth Is There Always Going To Be Someone Who Imitates You

love what you do

Reading Time: 2 minutesVirag’s editorials are landing weekly to the inbox of our rapidly growing MCL community. Subscribe to our MCL Empowerment weekly here! The truth is there always going to be someone who imitates you. And no, I am no talking about the people, who write you a thank note saying how much they appreciate your idea, and how much you inspired […]

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Am I here to fill in quotas?


Reading Time: 4 minutes  I have talked to many people about quotas. I have read so many articles about the quota. So many that there’s barely anything if anything at all that I haven’t read about it. Still, I can’t say whether I’m a fan of it or not. All the other feminists I know have a very clear position; it seems so […]

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How we Overvalue the Nonessentials and Forget the Essentials (With the help of McKeown)


Reading Time: 3 minutes  Here in America, the holiday season is in full swing. We kick off the season with Halloween, my 3-year old’s new favorite holiday. In her words “I go to the door and say trick-or-treat, then they give me candy and then I say thank you!”. I love this time of year, but I find that over-consumerism has become to […]

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