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To enjoy what you do, don’t set expectations!

love what you do

Reading Time: 2 minutesVirag’s editorials are landing weekly to the inbox of our rapidly growing MCL community. Subscribe to our MCL Empowerment weekly here!   I’m entering my 6th week. No, I am not here to tell you that I am expecting a baby; yet if I were to follow the expectations, I could easily be panicking. But I am not there. Yet. […]

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I enjoy my freelance life but just signed a corporate contract and I’ll tell you why


Reading Time: 6 minutes  2 years ago, I handed in my resignation, left corporate life and was ready to conquer the world. And I did conquer. I used up my savings to follow my gut instinct; I dared to change, I dared to fail, and I also dared to succeed. I lifted myself out of the victimised role that society imposes on us […]

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