The only limitation on female entrepreneurs are the ones they put on themselves – Interview with Sumeera Rasul founder of Madesmith


Reading Time: 4 minutes    When we look at a product, we appreciate its design, color, texture and often stop at that. We are unaware of the story behind it, the artisan who made it. Sumeera Rasul along with her sister Nadia Rasul, both of Pakistani ancestry, came up with the innovative idea to develop an online platform called “Madesmith.” Here, handmade products […]

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‘Three years on a rock’ – The Story of Agnieszka Kruk screenwriter

Agnieszka Kruk

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Her Story features women who have taken unique and innovative routes to success. These are the stories of women who didn’t “do it by the book” or “get it all right”, and yet realized their goals and did… well… what we all basically wish we could do.   This is the story of Agnieszka Kruk, director and founder of Script Fiesta, […]

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“Every business started from nothing and this should be its own inspiration” – Interview with Rachel Sales, founder of Pink Pangea

Workshop in Tel Aviv

Reading Time: 9 minutesIsrael is not only a place for enjoying the sunshine, the always busy beaches or joining the rapidly growing startup communities. The country, and especially Tel Aviv, also holds a vibrant and versatile event pool for women who are seeking some true empowerment. During my last trip, I attended quite many of these events and it would be far too simple […]

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“Every time I climb to the top of a mountain, I feel so freaking awesome” – Interview with Bettina Peets founder of the Adventure Goddess Retreats and Events


Reading Time: 6 minutes  Bettina Peets is changing her life – one adventure at a time. And, with her new business Adventure Goddess Retreats and Events, she is also doing this for other women. In Bettina’s words, “Adventure Goddess was created to bring women together to bond, to help women step out of their box, to give women adventurous experiences that help them […]

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Chasing the Armenian Dream: Interview with entrepreneur Valerie Gortzounyan

by McKay Savage

Reading Time: 5 minutes  Valerie Gortzounyan is an exceptionally brave woman, who is known in Armenia as the founder of Le Café de Paris. Born in France, she followed her family roots and went to Armenia in 1995 to launch a coffee business, which became famous very quickly. Valerie is being much loved and appreciated in Armenia for her enthusiasm, dedication and for […]

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