Why NATO Needs to Take its role in Gender Perspective

gender perspective

Reading Time: 6 minutes  No matter what’s your job or path; if you’re a woman, you’ve probably experienced some form of discrimination throughout your career or in your life, in general. What you might not consider, though, is that there are women out there, who are wearing a uniform and risk their lives for peace and security, and are getting an even harder time […]

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2015 Lady Pitch Night Europe in Paris; Here is What We Took Home With Us

Lady Pitch Night Europe

Reading Time: 3 minutes  “Be confident girls because confidence allows us to play the same game that boys do. Have fun and laugh your path is not about suffering it is about bonding and sharing”, said Clara Gaymard, the President and CEO of GE France at Lady Pitch Night Europe, in Paris.     Lady Pitch Night is one of the biggest contests […]

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Cents & Sensibility: Women and Money – MCL Event Review from Utah


Reading Time: 2 minutesFrom motherhood to businesswoman   A few weeks ago, I was able to attend one of our recommended Women Empowerment Events in Utah you shouldn’t miss this Fall. Cents & Sensibility: Women and Money was held at my alma mater, at the Utah Valley University. The event focused on educating women on how to develop a healthy relationship with money […]

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Only 15% of the Tech Summit Visitors Are Women – The Solution is: Sprinters!

tech summit

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere are two awesome women out there – working day and night – to begin their startup venture; all because they believe in the power of women! Saskia, (find her in Berlin) and Mevish (find her in London) are about to shake worlds, trends and, above all, the future of gender parity at the Tech Summits. As they (justly) point […]

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11 women empowerment events you shouldn’t miss this October


Reading Time: 7 minutes  Have you ever tried to define what women empowerment really means? Would it mean solely that we thrive for gender parity and we are working for that glass ceiling disappear? Or would this concept imply something beyond the career ladder and reaches far beyond our office desk? Would women empowerment mean finding your true, authentic voice, embrace your womanity without […]

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The top 5+1 women empowerment events in Brussels that you shouldn’t miss this fall


Reading Time: 5 minutesWhat comes to your mind if we say, Brussels? Of course, the waffle, frites (no, this is not a typo), beers, and the European Union. These are all great stuff, but we looked beyond the surface and collected the best 5+1 women empowerment events that you shouldn’t miss this fall. And it seems, Brussels is showing its serious face in the […]

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Reading Time: 6 minutesNew York in fall is all about crisp weather and beautiful foliage. It’s also the time to bid farewell to summer and welcome winter while putting a close to the year 2015. But before you self-reflect, MCL has some plans for you this fall if you are in the most exciting city in the world. We have put together a […]

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The top 10 women empowerment events in Israel you shouldn’t miss this fall


Reading Time: 8 minutes  MCL wrapped up for you the top 10 women empowerment events in Israel this fall. We have collected a diverse list of events from self-awareness workshops to more business-minded pitching nights, from cultural awareness gatherings to hard-core start-up get-togethers. Israel is a booming place for women, whether they seek possibilities for their entrepreneurship, or looking for the best spots […]

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Women in Wireless – A Unique Networking Experience in the Heart of Tel Aviv

Women in Wireless

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhy are women turned off when it comes to business networking and how a simple, well-known concept can break the ice? The Tel Aviv chapter of Women in Wireless borrowed a model that is used in romantic relationship seeking. Translated it into a business language and gathered more than 120 women under one roof, who mingled, exchanged knowledge and departed […]

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Women Empowerment: Turn your passion into a business – NYC edition

Women Motivate Women networking

Reading Time: 7 minutesNEW YORK CITY – What happens when five women entrepreneurs gather to talk about taking risks and encourage other women to follow their passion for starting their own businesses? The result is a room full of aspiring business people who later on leave with motivation and the desire to succeed. The remarkable event we talk about here was organized by […]

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