Game Changers

How one girl’s international experiences inspired her to found Spontime, a $3mln startup


Reading Time: 3 minutesThis is the personal story of the 21-year old Karolina Demianczuk – a girl with ‘Polish Blood, American Spirit, and Asian Mind’, who’s founded Spontime, a $3mln startup. We hope that after reading this, you get as inspired as we did! What inspired me to pursue my entrepreneurial career and bring in-person enjoyment back to people my age were clearly my international […]

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Nothing is the same when you celebrate your 42nd birthday


Reading Time: 3 minutesThere was a time when I would celebrate my birthday throughout the month of April; my friends would use their most creative ideas to make each day of April a beautiful memory; my DAD would pamper me with gifts and special lunches, dinners; and I would end up in an entire month of celebration with a grand party on 28th […]

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No woman should fail to the toxic vibes of faith or culture – The story of a Muslim working mother


Reading Time: 5 minutesDUBAI, UAE – Life is not a fairytale, and this reality flashed before me four years ago. This reality also made me understand that none else is responsible for my pains. Through the grapevine, I may have learned to blame my parents, my teachers, my mentors, etc., but never to blame myself. But today, I know it’s never their fault. […]

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“Every time I climb to the top of a mountain, I feel so freaking awesome” – Interview with Bettina Peets founder of the Adventure Goddess Retreats and Events


Reading Time: 6 minutes  Bettina Peets is changing her life – one adventure at a time. And, with her new business Adventure Goddess Retreats and Events, she is also doing this for other women. In Bettina’s words, “Adventure Goddess was created to bring women together to bond, to help women step out of their box, to give women adventurous experiences that help them […]

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The Unsung Heroes of Pakistan: 8 Pakistani women you and the world should know about


Reading Time: 5 minutes  Men and women are born to complement each other. To support each other. And that’s the purpose of their presence in this world. A country prospers only if and when both are allowed to depict their talent and contribute something to the society to make it a better place to live in. It’s ridiculous to suppress one or other. […]

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Education is the language of my war: the story of a wonderwoman from Bangladesh

Unleash your elephant

Reading Time: 4 minutesCaution! Education! DHAKA, BANGLADESH – My very own unique story of fighting the outdated beliefs started when I was only three years old. My mother wanted me to attend one of the best schools of the towns. Therefore, she spent four hours in a long line under the sun just to buy the admission form. Things were going pretty well; […]

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Never feel that you’re selfish when you’re asking for what you want – Interview with Afaf Baltaji from Lebanon

Afaf B.

Reading Time: 7 minutes    Afaf Baltaji, a young lady with grace, smile, and wide-open shiny eyes. A lady, who by 17, made a journey that some don’t achieve in a lifetime. A woman with strong values, big dreams, and a firm mission: „to help girls and women to realize their worth and how to love themselves”. Afaf lives in Tripoli, Lebanon; a […]

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