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Make sure that at the end of the day you end up laughing – Interview with Agnes Batllori production manager & mom


Reading Time: 5 minutesAgnes Batllori is a production manager in the film industry, relocating from Barcelona, Cataluna to London for work and then again to Delft the Netherlands for love, where she became a mom and now looks for the next challenge. Here, we had the chance to talk with Agnes about career choice, relocation, motherhood and more. Ildikó on behalf of MissCareerLess: […]

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I’d love to see a romantic film that passed the Bechdel Test – Interview with Savannah Rodgers filmmaker


Reading Time: 6 minutes  A burgeoning filmmaker, Savannah Rodgers is a part of the “small, but mighty” Kansas City filmmaking scene in Kansas, MO. She is a film student at the University of Kansas and acts on the Board of Directors for Kansas City Women in Film and Television. Also, she is the film director of  “Politically Correct,” a short film that has […]

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“I want to tell stories about girls like me” – Interview with Diana Galimzyanova filmmaker

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Reading Time: 5 minutes  Diana Galimzyanova is a writer and director based in Moscow, Russia. This is what would stand on her official biography as you open her site. But such as all of us, Diana is more than her titles. We’ve got a chance to glimpse into Diana’s unmasked life and learn that overcoming cancer helps you discover the depth of life. […]

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“It’s amazing, you made a film – and you’re a woman!” – Interview with Sophie Black

sophie black article

Reading Time: 12 minutes    Filmmaker Sophie Black is the founder of the United Kingdom-based production company Triskelle Pictures. MissCareer/Less interviewed Black about her 2013 short film release “Ashes” which is a fictional piece that explores a woman’s emotional response within an abusive relationship and that runs at the Festigious Film Festival this year. Black shared the inspiration, the process and the challenges of creating […]

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“This job has to be done with passion, and that’s all that matters” – Interview with Erzsébet Forgács film make-up artist


Reading Time: 7 minutes  I don’t really know many such lively and enthusiastic women as Erzsébet Forgács or as many in her profession call her, Böbe. She wasn’t sure if she should undertake the interview with me, – even though, if anyone, she should be proud of her career. Just highlighting some of the names of the actors and actresses she has worked with, […]

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“We need to empower women in filmmaking” Interview with Roy Zafrani film director

women in filmmaking

Reading Time: 7 minutesI’ve come across Roy’s works while working for an NGO. And I couldn’t resist not to contact him. As we started to talk I began to feel a great deal of connection with his values and the way he approaches art and filmmaking. He sent me two of his award-winning movies – On the Edge, The Other Dreamers -. I […]

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