Concerned with your education? You’ll end up working in a different field anyway


Reading Time: 6 minutes  Having obtained BA and MA educations, having followed all the unwritten rules out there, I came to the conclusion that higher education and the labor market are not directly linked. And today, I am dreaming of putting all my energy into making a farm, producing healthy products. But before we get there, here are my hypothesis, and my advice: Don’t […]

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What would the world look like if recruiters would …

David Blackwell.

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Too old as 34? Yes, that is Age Discrimination Ι am a 34-year-old HR Graduate with some experience in recruitment and some further experience in sales and public relations. It’s been 3 years now that I am trying to return to HR Management and settle down in that field that I like the most, and in which I think I […]

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From Oppression to Castration: Or how we are forcing feminism from the wrong end

Equal Work

Reading Time: 6 minutesAre women equal to men? BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – „Women are nothing more than properties, something men own, use and when convenient simply throw away” – this sentence can pretty much summarize how the men-ruled society (patriarchy) in the western world perceived the gender difference not so long ago. In fact not even a time travel is needed, we can still […]

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