We all have a right to work in a healthy work atmosphere: ban smoking in workplaces

Ferran Jordà_smoking

Reading Time: 4 minutesThroughout my whole life, I came across to smokers in almost every corner of my native country. Despite the fact that I was grown up in a non-smoking family, I have met smokers almost everywhere: starting from bus or taxi drivers, until the work offices… Since I am truly allergic to smoking, I decided to write about a topic that […]

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Baby Boom – Or There Is No Career That Beats A Motherly Instinct

baby-boom_Diane Keaton

Reading Time: 3 minutesA fantastic movie about the transformation of a business lady into a caring mother, about career choices women face with and about how career opportunities arise from unexpected places. This movie (starring Diane Keaton) once again proves that every woman has a mother instinct deep inside her soul; even the strictest one, most career oriented one can change her priorities […]

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