What’s after a Dream Job? – One writer’s story of a fight against compromise

Emilen ETIENNE (Flickr)

Reading Time: 4 minutesPHOENIX,AZ – A signature I was about to scribble that foggy December evening could have been the worst mistake of my life. I was curled up in a comfort of my editorial office, handwriting the letter I never thought I’d write. Two and a half years here went by so fast; I don’t think I blinked. I was too busy […]

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“It’s not easy, it’s not supposed to be easy!” – Coping with Life when it Fails Us at Every Corner

by Virag Gulyas

Reading Time: 4 minutes  NEW YORK CITY, USA – This week, long after I went to a spinning class for the last time, I decided to give it a shot. I was never too much into biking but wanted to try something other than running or Pilates. Needed some exercise, burn calories, decompress for a bit. Little did I know that I was […]

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When Everything Seems Normal You Might Just Want To Change It All

Faruk Ateş_Flickr

Reading Time: 6 minutesThings that seem to be normal LONDON, UK – Where should I start? It happened three and a half years ago, but I feel as if only a blink ago. Three and a half years ago I decided to quit my corporate real-estate job, to leave the country where I was born and raised (Hungary), and to change my life […]

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Why Building a Career in New York is Not Like in the Movies? (At least not for Everybody)

New York by giagotos

Reading Time: 6 minutesSo what do you do? NEW YORK, USA – Social interaction in New York City is somewhat a unique business. In the city of dreams, meeting someone new, of course, starts with exchanging names. However, this is quickly followed-up by the question: “so what do you do”? And this does require an answer. Till today I get stumped at this […]

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