How things we are fighting for might not be the ones life really wants us to fight for

[day 39]

Reading Time: 5 minutesStudy choices and surprises TIRANA, ALBANIA – When I first entered the hall of the Faculty of Social Science to register for the Philosophy course my heart was trembling and I could feel a strong shining light on me. It was crystal clear that I loved studying humanities. It was a surprise to my friends, my cousins, my family, my teachers […]

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Why a Master Degree is not the Solution You are Looking for?

Yerevan, Armenia

Reading Time: 5 minutesCareerless or unemployed YEREVAN, ARMENIA – Careerless or unemployed are words containing a negative connotation that may naturally signify someone, who is lacking something. If we analyse these two words, we see that both are composed of a noun and a negative suffix- career+less and un+employed. Taking this point further, a question arises: why are we lacking a career or why we […]

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