Teen Empowerment

‘Once you get married, you are lost for good’ – The teen Moms of Rural Punjab, Pakistan

Pakistan's women

Reading Time: 3 minutesHer pale skin devoid of any youthful glow was sticking tightly to her small bone structure, giving her a look of someone who had faced malnutrition. Her age must be around 16-17, but she had been married for a couple of years by now. With a naïve but strangely somber way, she spoke about how worried she was about not […]

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To Educate Girls is to Educate a Nation

women school

Reading Time: 3 minutes  “Morey (Mama), why am I not going to school like Lala (elder brother)?” said the daughter of a maid to her mother. Her mother scolded her to wash dishes silently. This is the story of the 10-year old Gulalie, who works with her mother as a maid at different houses of the nearby housing society. Gulalie, like every other […]

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Am I here to fill in quotas?


Reading Time: 4 minutes  I have talked to many people about quotas. I have read so many articles about the quota. So many that there’s barely anything if anything at all that I haven’t read about it. Still, I can’t say whether I’m a fan of it or not. All the other feminists I know have a very clear position; it seems so […]

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The Unsung Heroes of Pakistan: 8 Pakistani women you and the world should know about


Reading Time: 5 minutes  Men and women are born to complement each other. To support each other. And that’s the purpose of their presence in this world. A country prospers only if and when both are allowed to depict their talent and contribute something to the society to make it a better place to live in. It’s ridiculous to suppress one or other. […]

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