Women who decide to change their lives – Interview with MCL Founder, Virag Gulyas

MCL women who change

Reading Time: 1 minutesA collection of stories, personal accounts and interviews with women who have chosen to change their lives: that’s the idea behind MissCareerLess (MCL). The new website, in English, is dedicated to women who have gone in search of new horizons and have found a way, albeit with great difficulty, to turn the page and put the past behind them. The […]

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From Ballerina to Entrepreneur: A Conversation with MissCareerLess Founder Virág Gulyás

MissCareerLess founder ballerina to entrepreneur

Reading Time: 1 minutesA Conversation with MissCareer/Less founder At a recent School of Shine event in Tel Aviv, I had the pleasure of meeting Virág Gulyás, a Hungarian expat living in Belgium, and a ballerina-turned-entrepreneur. After giving up an international career in ballet, Virág decided to search for something to do that truly made her happy. The search was long and challenging and led to the […]

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