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The only limitation on female entrepreneurs are the ones they put on themselves – Interview with Sumeera Rasul founder of Madesmith


Reading Time: 4 minutes    When we look at a product, we appreciate its design, color, texture and often stop at that. We are unaware of the story behind it, the artisan who made it. Sumeera Rasul along with her sister Nadia Rasul, both of Pakistani ancestry, came up with the innovative idea to develop an online platform called “Madesmith.” Here, handmade products […]

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Women Empowerment: Turn your passion into a business – NYC edition

Women Motivate Women networking

Reading Time: 7 minutesNEW YORK CITY – What happens when five women entrepreneurs gather to talk about taking risks and encourage other women to follow their passion for starting their own businesses? The result is a room full of aspiring business people who later on leave with motivation and the desire to succeed. The remarkable event we talk about here was organized by […]

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