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Terms of use - MissCareerLess


Please read carefully the terms of use below:

  • By sharing any contribution(s) with us to the Site, you agree and grant with free of charge permission MissCareer/Less to use them at MissCareer/Less sole responsibility in conjunction with the operation of the Site and our mission. The license reaches to copying, distributing, broadcasting or otherwise transmitting, adapting or editing the Contribution(s).
  • MissCareer/Less under certain circumstances can terminate the access of users, subscribers, and account holders who infringe the terms of use and copyright rights of MissCareer/Less.
  • You agree and confirm that any Contribution(s) provide, or upload by you (as Contributor) is original to you and does not violate Belgian laws, or that you have the consents necessary to provide the Contribution(s) to MissCareer/Less.



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