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“Apply to work with travel agencies or just marry a rich guy” – Interview with Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch

I met Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch at a conference in Budapest, where she gave a fantastic lecture on the new types of family systems. Justyna, a Polish feminist activist, NGO founder, sociologist and gender Senior Researcher speaks passionately about the issues that matter. I’ve quickly found several common grounds with her;  starting

“This job has to be done with passion, and that’s all that matters” – Interview with Erzsébet Forgács film make-up artist

  I don’t really know many such lively and enthusiastic women as Erzsébet Forgács or as many in her profession call her, Böbe. She wasn’t sure if she should undertake the interview with me, - even though, if anyone, she should be proud of her career. Just highlighting some of the names

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Meet MissCareerLess' amazing Contributors! - in alphabetic order   Anum Babar is a 22-year-old social science undergraduate at IMSciences in Peshawar, kPK, Pakistan. She is determined to take responsibility to bring awareness about the equal participation of women and men in society through events and writings. She is pursuing major in development studies

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Meet MissCareerLess' empowering Storytellers - in alphabetic order Anna Swiderek - WOULD OUR CAREER LIFE BE SOMEWHAT PREDESTINED? OR WHAT’S AFTER A SPORTS CAREER? Find her story HERE!   Betsy Allred Toyn - WHY DO WE REJECT THAT BEING A FULL-TIME MOM IS ACTUALLY A CAREER? Find her story HERE!       Blanka Molnár - WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMS NORMAL YOU MIGHT JUST WANT TO CHANGE


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