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Education is the language of my war: the story of a wonderwoman from Bangladesh

Caution! Education! DHAKA, BANGLADESH - My very own unique story of fighting the outdated beliefs started when I was only three years old. My mother wanted me to attend one of the best schools of the towns. Therefore, she spent four hours in a long line under the sun just to

Dream big and dare to fuck it up – Impressions from Fuckup Night vol. IV in Berlin

Get rich or die trying BERLIN, GERMANY - In the modern success-driven society talking about own failures requires serious guts. All those highly creative, charismatic young entrepreneurs who think rich and look poor never miss a chance to share the stories of their climbing the success mountain. Countless coaches are promising

How things we are fighting for might not be the ones life really wants us to fight for

Study choices and surprises TIRANA, ALBANIA - When I first entered the hall of the Faculty of Social Science to register for the Philosophy course my heart was trembling and I could feel a strong shining light on me. It was crystal clear that I loved studying humanities. It was a surprise to

Would our career life be somewhat predestined? Or what’s after a sport career?

A never expected career status ITALY - My “CareerLess” story is quite fresh. From the age of sixteen - for fifteen years - I’ve had both a career and, what was even more important, an identity: I was a professional volleyball player. I always thought that defining myself just as a

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Meet MissCareerLess' amazing Contributors! - in alphabetic order   Anum Babar is a 22-year-old social science undergraduate at IMSciences in Peshawar, kPK, Pakistan. She is determined to take responsibility to bring awareness about the equal participation of women and men in society through events and writings. She is pursuing major in development studies

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Meet MissCareerLess' empowering Storytellers - in alphabetic order Anna Swiderek - WOULD OUR CAREER LIFE BE SOMEWHAT PREDESTINED? OR WHAT’S AFTER A SPORTS CAREER? Find her story HERE!   Betsy Allred Toyn - WHY DO WE REJECT THAT BEING A FULL-TIME MOM IS ACTUALLY A CAREER? Find her story HERE!       Blanka Molnár - WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMS NORMAL YOU MIGHT JUST WANT TO CHANGE

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How to support us 1.  The best and most obvious way to support us is to read us, write for us, to comment on the posts and engage with our virtually real community! 2.   Still very very good, but a less obvious way to support us is to engage in partnership (e.g.

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Hi, My name is Virág Gulyás, and I'm the founder of MissCareer/Less - the e-zine for women who dare to change. In 2006 I made the toughest decision in my life: I decided to stop being a ballerina. I decided to change from the only profession and passion I've ever knew since


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