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Opportunity Is Knocking, Can’t You Hear It?

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Every position you hold you learn

I have the luxury of hindsight — Having just completed a lifetime of working my butt off, I’m retired, and that’s the definition of “Career-less, By Choice.” I’m smiling, because it’s true and sheer joy! Doing whatever I want, whenever I want is my agenda for each day.


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Looking back over my work life doesn’t always bring a smile to my face. But I can tell you that with every position I held, no matter how menial the tasks, I ALWAYS learned something. And here, I’ll give you a few examples:

  • As a bridal consultant, I learned how to form a bustle out of the “train” on a bridal gown. I learned how to mirror the bridesmaids gowns to the bride’s masterpiece, what headpiece was appropriate for which dress. I also learned how to calm down the soon-to-be bride and help her to put things in perspective, the ways to deal with the mother of the bride, and importantly, how to get the mother of the groom to leave the room. I learned a great deal about tact from that job.
  • As a secretary, I learned how to multi-task and prioritize. These came in handy with life in general. Speaking to people on the phone, and in person, was a learning curve that had to be climbed as I moved along in various positions.
  • I became a teacher. A profession in which you learn a great deal, mostly from your students! Being compassionate, understanding, and caring are qualities that I nurtured during this period and were paramount when I became an Assistant Principal at a high school. Now there was a job! Morning, noon and night were my hours, sometimes seven days a week.

Career-less, By Choice

It was from this job that I retired. I called it a day and decided that there was more to life than helping others. Don’t misunderstand. Helping others is still at the top of my list, just not in that way. So, now I’m “Career-less By Choice.” You may be saying that it’s not the same as your situation -unless we are at the same walk of life – but I’ll bet there are many similarities. Here’s what I’m doing.

I’m looking backwards and forwards, and still keeping my head where my feet are. In other words, I’m looking back at the things in life that I always loved to do or wanted to learn but didn’t have/take the time. I’m doing those things NOW. Peering into the future, I’m examining what it is I truly WANT, NEED to do. This is where my writing comes in. About where my feet are, my head is filled with my writing goals, and exercising my creativity. I’ve joined numerous writing groups, and I’m taking the writing classes that I find meaningful. My blog is up and running: Diary of a Dedicated Diabetic. It’s great for me. I can help other Type 2 diabetics, and keep myself on the right track at the same time. Plus, it’s fun and funny!

Here’s what I think is most important when you are – or feel – Career-less, especially if it’s NOT by choice:

  • Lists, lists, lists. Keep yourself organized by listing the various aspects of the places that you’d like to work, the type of job you’d like to have.
  • Ask yourself, WHOM DO I KNOW? Sometimes, unfortunately, it IS who you know when it comes to getting a new position. Check it out. Ask around.
  • Think about the talents you have and the things you really love to do. Follow the path — if you love to crochet, knit, sew, bead, paint, write, — whatever it is. DO what you really enjoy doing. Think outside the box.
  • Today, anything can be turned into a career. Go to the library or online and do the research to find the myriad people who are doing exactly what they love to do. Can you make it happen for yourself? Why not?
  • READ, Read, read about those who are doing what you want to do. Learn from them. And then do it!
  • Do you have a “cause” that you actively participate in? No? Find one. Look around at your neighborhood. See where help is needed. For instance, the environment and literacy, are both important causes where there are jobs involved. Keep looking. How about the poaching of elephants in Africa? That’s a cause that’s big right now!
  • Find something that you care about. Investigate, research, check out various areas where help is needed and see what jobs can come from being involved. Leave no stone unturned.

You deserve a wonderful life and a great career, my Career-less friends, so move forward and find it. It’s just around the corner! Opportunity is knocking, can’t you hear it?

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