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11 women empowerment events you shouldn’t miss this October

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Have you ever tried to define what women empowerment really means? Would it mean solely that we thrive for gender parity and we are working for that glass ceiling disappear? Or would this concept imply something beyond the career ladder and reaches far beyond our office desk? Would women empowerment mean finding your true, authentic voice, embrace your womanity without feeling guilty or can it simply mean that you empowered another woman by telling her your journey?

We think women empowerment is all of the above. And we decided to take a look at the global women empowerment events agenda. Here is what we’ve found, here are the 11 women empowerment events you shouldn’t miss this month!


Woman Entrepreneurs Rock the World

New York City, USA – Register & ticket

Date & Time: October 3, 2015, at 8am (EDT)

The name of the event already speaks for itself, and we, the new generation supporters of feminity (and somewhat feminism), we back any event that empowers women in any forms. This annual event, held by Savour the success,  aims to help aspiring women entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. Be it starting their own business or seeking for the space of like-minded women to network and connect with. With the anticipated 500+ participants, the conference will unite already established entrepreneurs, leaders, and groundbreakers with badass women, who dare to change. Women will get advice, insights, and strategies to succeed as women entrepreneur. As the event’s motto says, “you really CAN have it all”. 

nyc2 - women empowerment events
New York City – photo credit: Virag Gulyas


Wild Women Symposium

Salt Lake City, UTAH, USA – Register & ticket

Date & Time: October 2-4, 2015

Suzanne Wagner is a well known psychic and author who developed the Wild Women Series. The Series of events are designed for women aiming to connect, explore and live the full expression of their wild and authentic feminine archetypes. The series is divided into three categories: Life, Love, and Light. The symposium will be October 2-5, 2015 at the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah and it line up facilitators from all facets of life. Women are promised to enjoy the following experiences as they attend this event:

  1. “Discover who you truly are and start leading a life of joy and purpose
  2. Have a safe and supporting environment to learn and grow.
  3. Connect to a tribe of other amazing and like-minded women
  4. Learn about and experience new modalities
  5. Uncover and develop your own intuitive gifts.”


S.H.E. Summit

New York City, USA Register & ticket

Date & Time: October 6 – 7, 2015

S.H.E. Summit (S.H.E. standing for She Helps Empower) is an annual conference with the aim to be the best and most accessible women empowerment forum worldwide. And just spotting a few of this year’s speakers – Deepak Chopra, Carly Stern, Dayle Haddon, Tara Mohr, Gloria Feldt or the S.H.E Media founder Claudia Chan – their mission seems to manifest. During the 2-day conference, the variety of empowering moments will leave you at haze. Personal story telling, mentoring, introducing women’s campaign, strong female communities, and with plenty of other resources to learn, celebrate, and grow together, S.H.E. Summit is justly the highlight of the month! But what is fascinating is that such a  high-end event stays true to itself and strives to gather aspiring game-changers and established names while connecting them through unleashing the power of female energies. And we’re afraid the place would not be sufficient to list all the featured topics from their agenda; thus, just have a look at it yourself and tell us your first reaction was not: ‘wow‘.

Gloria Feldt - photo credit: Take the Lead


Forum “Starting a Business in the Creative Field”

Berlin, GermanyRegister & ticket

Date & Time: October 6, 2015 at 7pm

There is a stigma in society that being an artist is not a profession, and one cannot make a decent living by working in the creative field. Especially, if this one is a woman. Gründerinnenzentrale (The Centre for Female Founders) is a project created to support women entrepreneurs at any step of their career, and help women to feel more confident and secure in the business world. The network holds regular meetings, workshops, discussions and networking events to expand the business horizons for women. On October 6th Gründerinnenzentrale invites all the creative ladies to their forum, where guests will find information concerning the legal aspects of a creative enterprise, tax regulations, as well as funding opportunities in this special niche. Come over, meet the experts, discover, ask questions, network and make a step forward towards your dream! This event is for the German speaker ambitious and creative ladies, who are striving to create their own business.


Take The Lead Virtual Happy Hour

New York City, USA Register & ticket

Date & Time:  October 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm EST

The New York City-based Take the Lead, led by Gloria Feldt leadership expert, is a fresh and exciting initiative. Their ultimate aim is to reach leadership parity in leadership roles by 2025. And they are doing this in line with well-defined targets and step by step by goals. As they say, they prepare, develop, inspire, and propel. Supporting these compelling missions, among others, they organize a monthly virtual happy hour, where they invite experts from various niches to share their know-how and guide women towards their next career steps. This October, Take the Lead webcast series invites Manisha Thakor; financial advisor, author and an enthusiastic advocate for women’s finances. Manisha will be sharing her top 5 tips to achieve financial health & power. The event is accessible to anyone online, and it’s free. Thus, there is hardly any room for excuses on why not to join!



Soul Writing

Tel Aviv, Israel – Register & Ticket

Date & Time:  October 14, 2015 at 7pm – 9h00pm

The Tel Aviv-based Pink Pangea, a travel site founded by women to women, organizes their next Soul Writing workshop this October. As they say: ‘The woman traveler has full access to the world’. And indeed, their mission comes alive while featuring empowering travel information and travel stories. Pink Pangea aims to fill a gap when it comes to hands-on practicalities for traveling women. But they actually offer much more than an engaging and useful platform. With recurring Writing, Hiking & Yoga Retreats along the greatest spots in the world, and on-site and online writing workshops, Pink Pangea helps women to reach their true potential. Their upcoming Soul Writing workshop is for you if you want to tap into your creativity, nourish your soul and discuss your writing in an empowering setting. The workshop is held in Tel Aviv and led by New-York born, Columbia graduate writer, Rachel Sales. If you do one thing for your soul this autumn, be it this event. Would you stop yourself from finding your true call? I guess, not.

Pink Pangea Retreat
Pink Pangea Retreat


Women and the IT industry

Budapest, HungaryRegister & ticket

Date & Time: October 14, 2015, at 6 PM

Language: Hungarian

There is an organization in Hungary that takes it all when we want to talk about feminism and gender equality. They are the group called Üvegplafon (Glass-ceiling). Some badass women with some unique ideas, and above all, with some real actions. Their conversation series attract many and they are the ones, who dare to touch upon the delicate issues and taboos of today’s society. Unfortunately, their events are organized in Hungarian, but let’s hope that sooner than later English will come as a natural second hand at these events. The upcoming talk will refine where women stand and what situation they face in the still very much male-led IT industry. And who will do the talk?  Júlia Bíró, tooling engineer from Prezi, Ádám Scheuring, product development, startup entrepreneur and Seres Szilvia media savvy (BME).  The moderator of the discussion is Anna Réz philosopher, one of the founders of Üvegplafon.




herCAREER – Career fair for women

Munich, GermanyRegister & ticket

Date & Time: October 15 – 16, 2015

Although Germany belongs to the countries with the highest level of gender equality, women still earn 22% less than men there. But the contemporary German model of success is “you have a problem – you make a start-up out of it”. herCAREER is the first career fair in Germany focused on women and family-oriented businesses. The fair is interesting for any woman – whether a student trying to make her first awkward step on the career ladder, an ambitious fresh graduate, a change-seeker, an aspiring entrepreneur, a mom, a freelancer, me, you, your cousin. The event embraces not only standard getting to know the companies, but also lectures, discussions, workshops, and meetups. The range of the covered topics are also impressive: networking (her[email protected]), work-life balance, career change, entrepreneurship, dream job, gender equality, home office work, women in tech, and many-many others. If you ever dreamt of meeting such eminent business-ladies as Susann Hoffman, the founder of Edition F, Jeannette Gusko, Chief of Communication at Germany, Svenja Lassen, Senior Editor Job and Career at Cosmopolitan Germany, Doris Albiez, Vice President and General Manager of German branch of Dell then this is your event to shine!


Move It Forward – digital starter event for women

Brussels, BelgiumTicket & registration

Date & time:  October 21, 2015 7 pm – 9:30 pm

Europe’s First Female Digital Accelerator Network, inQubeEU, is preparing something big this November. The online community that aims to connect girls and women to support each other, find mentorship, share know-how and encourage women-led enterprises in Europe, is announcing its first ever Move It Forward workshop series. The event gives a special focus on building awareness on Cyberviolence against Girls & Women. Move It Forward is an umbrella term that includes three workshops throughout this fall and closes with a digital starter event providing tools against cyber violence and an Awards dinner. Building a Safe Online Environment for women will refine the healthy boundaries of online presence, self-branding and safe online environment. If in town, this is your chance to meet and listen to MissCareer/Less founder, Virag, who is among the speakers of this exciting workshop!


Move It Forward - Brussels
Move It Forward – Brussels



WE Club Playground – work with body and mind

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsTickets & Registration

Date and time: October 28, 2015, at 7 pm

There is a growing community is Amsterdam that doesn’t stop by the first pillar of outer success, but aims to promote – and help you to find –  a healthy balance of body and soul throughout the day. If you are – just like millions of other women out there – spending endless days at your desk, or you are someone, who keeps trying out new well-being routines but can’t make a lasting breakthrough, then the upcoming WE Club Playground is the place for you. Two women (Marja & Neza) decided to take their passion for community building to the next level and today, as the founders of WE Club, they help their women peers to do the same. They lead them to stick together and create a tribe of women entrepreneurs who support, empower and inspire each other. Those, who attend this event can expect an exciting platform to meet women with a similar mindset, share their wildest ideas and receive support on how to turn them into reality. And what’s more to this? This community helps you to grow your business through various – out-of-the-mainstream – holistic tools.


Photo credit: WE CLub


A Women’s Discovery – Fall Tour

Timna National Park, Israel Register & Ticket

Date & Time: October 22 – October 30, 2015

Do you feel you need a week of unwinding to (re)discover your inner strengths? Then the Women’s Discovery tour, organized by Puzzle Israel, is the treat for you! The tour is a week-long journey dedicated strictly for women. You will have the chance to meet women from different backgrounds, yet, with similar desires. You can challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, and enjoy a unique group-unifying experience in the heart of the Negev Desert. The venue is set in the scenic Timna National Park, located just by the southernmost part of Israel, Eilat. Note that you will need to bring forward your adventuress self as the retreat includes scavenger hunts, wine and cheese tastings, cow milking, group sing-alongs under the stars, and more. Though this event comes at a price, you will sure to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience and leave empowered and as a true “woman of valor”.

Women in Judean Desert
Women in Judean Desert
Virág Gulyás is the founder of MissCareer/Less, a startup dedicated to women who embrace change, and works as a freelance creative project manager. As a former ballet dancer, she faced the challenges of what it means to change a career and start a new life in a culture where success is defined in linear terms. She believes that raw, honest storytelling is the new generation of women empowerment. Virág is an author, speaker and develops workshops to empower women and young (un)employed people.

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